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Mitsubishi LT-46244 Vertical Line

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This TV has been working normally for the past several months. All of a sudden, I get a thin vertical line appearing about 2 inches from the left of the screen when the tv is turned on. The line runs the entire length of the TV and looks like the pixels are dead (not like faint banding). What I can't seem to figure out, is if it is actually the TV or something else as the line will eventually go away. I feed all my sources through an AV receiver and out to the tv using HDMI. If I move the HDMI cable to the tv to a different input, the line doesn't always follow. Also, if I switch the TV to a different input that has nothing connected, the tv displays a blue background and the line doesn't always appear. Also, if the line appears and I do nothing, it will eventually disappear on its own. Is this indicative of my tv going bad?
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I had this same problem with my Mitsubishi LT-46144 in June, 2008. I had a one-pixel wide vertical red line a few inches from the left side of the screen. It would appear when the TV was first turned on and would disappear after about 20 minutes. The line was present regardless of input, however. Mitsubishi replaced the panel (not the entire TV) in July, and yesterday the new panel started doing the same thing, this time on the right side of the screen. This is just unacceptable.
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I was in the shop of a repair tech I know who largely repairs Mitsubishi products and he was working on one of these. The substrate is built by Samsung, and therein lies the problem...take the back off your set and you will see. He says they had a rash of bad Samsung substrates but the electronics to drive the panel made by Mitsubishi are good.

My two bits since I bought a Mitsubishi a few years ago based on this fellow's recommendation.
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I bought my 46244 also brand new in February and within months my TV developed a black vertical line and would go away after about 20 minutes. The panel was replaced by an authorized Mitsubishi Service Technician. Now I have the new panel and that also goes bad even worse this panel develops 3 black vertical lines 2 on left and 1 on right about 3 inches in. The third panel that I am on was installed about a couple weeks ago. So far so good. This seems to be a quality control issue and I hope that whatever amount of panels they have that are defective they would stop installing or sending out.
Well it is now a couple months later and the third panel has also gone bad and has 2 new lines.
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I have a 46244 purchased in March 2008, the vertical lines started showing up in December about two inches in from either side, though sometimes they would dissappear temporarily. The panel was replaced and I received the set back a week ago, and so far all is well. If you have this issue I'd call for warranty service as soon as possible. By the way the manufacture date of the set was September 2007.
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I'm noticing the same problem with mine. I bought my set back in July but I beleive it has an Nov 07 manufacture date.

I'm regretting not buying the extended warrenty from the store. Can someone give me the details of the Mitsubishi warrenty claim process?
Do I have to ship my TV out or do they send a technician to my house?
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I have the vertical line issue as well. I have the extended warranty so a service company is coming out. I guess from what I'm reading the panel may be replaced. Question: There are several grades of panels out there. How does one know if your getting the same grade. I assume there's only one part number for the panel for this set? I had lines on both the left and right sides. The left side goes away after a while. The Right side has two sets of lines. A Black one a few pixels wide that eventually goes away and a red one that doesn't. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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I decided to call Mitsubishi and explained that my set came out of warranty on 1-02-08. I said apparently there are issues with this screen as reported on this site. I explained that the lines have been appearing for several months but usually went away after a while. I now have the solid red pixelwide line. They asked me to send my receipt and indicated they would cover the repair. I'll report back with the progress.
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Mitsubishi agreed to replace the panel after being on the phone with them for the better part of an hour. It took three phone calls. Thanks to this site as it pointed out other folks were having the same issue.
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Good luck with the replacement panel. After my LT-46144's second panel failure, with vertical red lines, I asked Mitsubishi to authorize a replacement or refund via the retailer (Fry's). They agreed, though it took a ridiculously long time (nearly 2 months) to finally arrange a store credit at Fry's, including having to go up the chain at Fry's corporate after they rescinded their original offer of a full original purchase price credit at checkout. It's a very long and frustrating story...

Anyway, having become very wary of Mitsubishi's quality control, and irritated with their customer service, I replaced the TV with a Z-series Sony, hoping I wouldn't run into problems with it as well. Unfortunately, the new Sony Z4100 has a much narrower viewing angle and it suffers from occasional red trails on fast moving dark imagery, an artifact that has been discussed in these forums but which took me a while to notice. Now that I have noticed it, I am seeing it much more often, to the point that I'm now considering exchanging it for the Mitsubishi LT-46148 and taking another chance for panel failures . Anyone here have vertical line defects appear on their 148 Series panels?
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Mitsubishi authorized one of their certified repair centers to swap out the LCD panel of my 244. This process took over one month. The 244 was returned to me and set back up on a Thursday night early January. 4 days later the entire screen went white while my wife was watching. Nothing I could do to get it to return to normal. I contacted Mitsubishi and they authorized a 2nd LCD panel replacement. I went ballistic.

After several days of phone calls and finally getting the right person from Mitsubishi on the phone, they authorized a full replacement with a new 46-246. I was initially told that it would take a few weeks to get the replacement. They authorized my retailer to do the swap and I had the new TV a few days later (end of January). My retailer said that as long as they had a reference number from Mitsu, they didn't have to wait.

I give a thumbs up to Mitsu for replacing the TV, but a big thumbs down for their general customer service.
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For those of you affected by the vertical green or red lines on last generation Mitsubishi LCDs, it appears that Mitsubishi has acknowledged this issue and is extending the warranty on LCD modules for one extra year. I think this is likely an issue covered by this warranty extension. Here's the warranty paragraph from mitsubishi-tv.com:

If you have one of the following models please read below for an important announcement - LT-40133, LT-40134, LT-46144, LT-46244, LT-52133, LT-52144, LT-52244. It has come to our attention that a limited number of these Premium Flat Panel Televisions may have performance issues related to the LCD Module used in these sets. As part of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, MDEA is announcing an extension of the warranty coverage applicable to the LCD Module for the models listed above. For a period of one additional year beyond the one year limited warranty, MDEA will cover the cost of repair or replacing the LCD Module (parts and labor) at no charge to you. All other terms and conditions of the MDEA limited warranty will continue to apply.

I just hope they've fixed the issue in the 148/246 Series panels.
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We have sent our 144 in for repair (the vertical line issue). I had googled the problem, and that is how I ended up here. My question is: how long did your repair center have your TV? We are on 3 weeks, and they keep telling us the part has not come in. I have a feeling we are on the back burner, since we are a warranty issue and not a "paying" customer.
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I too have a Mitsubishi LT40134 that has developed the vertical line problem. It comes and goes, more noticeable via DVD than HD cable, although it's starting to appear more often on cable. For any of you that are in the same boat how did you contact MDEA? email or phone? In other words which gave you the quickest service?

I'm out of warranty (normal) but was glad to see from this site that they extended it. Just want to get the quickest service I can.
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1 month ago: 1 vertical line, 2 inches from the right frame, 1 pixel wide. Black line on blue bg (the bg you get when you have it hooked up to the dvd/gaming console before it is on); turns red when system is on. line is universal across tv input, dvd, and gaming

vertical line would disappear after 20 minutes, and 50% chance of being there when the tv is first turned on

last week: 2 vertical lines; one on the left, one on the right, both 2 inches from either side of tv frame. left line is 1 pixel wide. right line is now 2.5 pixels wide (2 pixels completely blacked out, 1 pixel that is half-blakced out--faded)

today: left line is now 2 pixels wide. right line is still there.

called mistubishi customer service (800 332 2119, push 5 for agent). they transferred my call to a service center, who will come in this monday to check out my tv. so we'll see what happens...

no one seems to know anything, as i had read these forums and was asking questions like, "so what happens if the panel is replaced but 4 months later the same problem arises, except that now i'm outside of the warranty?"

i really regret purchasing the mistubishi in july 2008 for $1999. I should have gone with my coworkers' personal experiences with their vizios, purchased with similar specs (46", 1080p, 120 hz, etc) for $1300, also in july 2008. i wasted $700+ for a tv that, during the first several months, was great, but now is giving me a great headache. i feel so bummed because i am usually pretty cheap...but thought i'd "spoil" myself this one time. lesson learned.
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I bought this tv in Jan08 to replace a 42" Sony. My past purchases have all been Sonys, but I went the Mitsubishi route because my built-in cabinet had limited room. Anyway, the vertical line issue began in March or April and I dropped the tv off for repair at the end of last June. It took until Labor Day weekend to get it back with a replacement panel. The delay was explained by a shortage of replacement panels. A couple months ago we started noticing the same issue. I talked to the store owner (local tv/stereo store) and today he called Mitsibushi. A couple hours later Mitsibushi called and said they are replacing my unit with an LT 46149. I was just reading up on this model and noted that it comes with an integrated sound bar. I'd be interested in any feedback on the sound bar because I just picked up a Sony sound bar (HT CT-100). If the tv sound is acceptable, I can return the Sony and get my money back.

First time poster, looking forward to my new tv.

Tom in Green Bay (we used to have an NFL team)
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Many Thanks to the AVS Forum!!!
As noted earlier I spent a lot of time on the phone with Mitsubishi after reading about the line problem here. My set was about 6 weeks out of warranty. They wanted me to use the extended warranty but I was able to get them to authorize a repair. I felt I might need the extended warranty down the road. The shop in S.F. that worked on mine was Art's TV. They were going to come out to asses the TV but I said that the info on AVS showed a panel replacement was needed. I took pictures and emailed them. I wouldn't let them take the set until they had the new panel. They called about a month later and said the part was in. They picked up the set and had it back in two days. So far so good. One note about extended warranties, which I usually never get. One the set is replaced the warranty is over. I have a five year extension. If they replace it next year that's it. My brother found this out the hard way. He assumed it was for a full five years. I did too but when I looked at my policy it was the same. I have several friends with HDTV's who have had issues with them. I'll get an extended warranty on the next one as well. Great price breaks going on right now with the new models coming out. My current set is about $1200 less than what I paid for it last year. Places are starting to run out of the model I'm looking at now and not adding any new stock.

Long story short. It may take a few phone calls and a lot of time but persist with Mitsubishi to make it right. Hopefully this panel will hang in there. Thanks for sharing all your experiences.
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I actually had a very painless procedure with customer service, and so far am reporting a positive experience.

They contracted an independent party to look at my TV; the guys said I needed the panel replaced, and they would order the panel first before doing anything. I also gave them the documentation concerning Mitsubishi's extended warranty from the website, as well as all the consumer complaints from forums.

I received a call by the end of the week from Mitsubishi Customer Service, stating that they would replace my LT-46244 with an LT-46426 (since they don't make the 244 anymore); this was due to the panel being backordered and not available in the near future. They would pay Paul's TV (the retail store where I purchased the TV) for shipping and delivery.

So far, so good!
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Thank you AVS Forum for info and guidance!

I have a positive conclusion to a bad situation. I thought i would start with the store I purchased the TV from, I'm in the Milwaukee, WI area and bought from a local brick & mortar called Flanners Home Entertainment. They took the ball and ran with it, ordered my panel for me, came to my house and repaired it on site - That's customer service! The TV was out of normal warranty but would be covered under the MIts extended warranty for this model (LT-40134).

In a matter of about an hour I was up & running with a new panel - at no cost per warranty- and I was not without my TV other than time it took to replace the panel. I HIGHLY recommend this store for doing business with! The tech told me that even if Mitsubishi would not have taken care of the problem they would have stepped in on my behalf.

They will have my business from now on.
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Well since the last post a few weeks back the repaired set is now going black every few hours. There's a flashing blue light and the set goes off. I'm about to give Mitsubishi a call.
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Im glad I found this post. I had a LT-46244 that developed a red line on one side of the set & a blue line on the other side. This happened about 2 months after my warranty expired. I had no idea Mitsu extended the warranty for my set but thanks to this post I now do & it was picked up by the repair service yesterday. I just hope Mistu doesnt give me any gruff on getting it fixed. I have visions of them saying its not an LCD problem & thus its not covered by the extended warranty.
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As mentioned the set kept turning off after I got it back. I called Mitsubishi and they had me do the reset on the side. It has not turned off since then and the lines have not reappeared. I have not checked with the extended warranty people yet. I figured I saved them some $ and will see if they will start the five year extension after added year from Mitsubishi.
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Great to hear tna thanks for sharing your experiences [IMG]http://***************/9/P/i.jpg[/IMG][IMG]http://***************/9/R/i.jpg[/IMG]
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Me too. Vertical lines on the display panel. Thanks to this forum for the heads-up on the warranty extension. Had set for 15 mos. No ext Warr.
Mitz working through Reseller/Local Service tech, authorized the replacement of the panel. Waiting for tech to order and replace new panel . Panels on backorder till July 15th. Hummm.

In the event the new panel goes south, what is the warranty on replaced panels?
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We purchased a LT-46144 LCD TV in March 2008 and are experiencing the vertical lines problem. Found this thread of discussions which has been very helpful, thanks. Instead of calling the dealer from whom we purchased the TV, I started with Mitsu cust svc. CS asked that we try and pinpoint the problem, i.e. the TV and/or one of the connected devices (audio receiver, cable or DVD player) then call them back. Hopefully (said tongue-in-cheek) the process won't take months like some have commented. Will keep you updated. Thanks again.
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A thin green line running down the right side vertically about 2 inches from the edge. And this was a tv I received for a review. Can't wait to see how I am treated.
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I have a LT-46144 with the vertical lines for the 2nd time. They replaced the LCD screen once and that fixed the issue for 6 months. Same issue again. I saw from this thread that Mits extended the warranty on this model for this LCD issue. I called them and they said that if the servicer decides that is the same issue again, that they will put an order in to replace my tv set with another one.

I'll keep you posted.

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I am awaiting the local authorized service dealer to call me for an appointment. They did call at the end of last week and I will call them Tues to see when they are coming.
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BTW, Chris is the most helpful person I have found at Mts service.
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I don't see my model listed in the "complaints department" here but my brand new TV has been doing this for a couple of weeks. At first I thought it was the local HD broadcast because the line (2" from the right) would disappear quickly. Now at 31 days old it is almost every time I turn on the TV lasting for about 20 minutes. I haven't actually timed it but based on comments here, that sounds about right.

I am just beginning my service quest without much confidence so far... the 800-332-2119 number told me to call 800-553-7278, which told me to call the first 800 number or go to mitsuparts.com. Mitsuparts.com told me to call the first number too, so I paid more attention to the instructions when I called the first number (the second time).

After waiting only about 10 minutes for a rep, he had me press the reset button, but since the TV has been on for a while today, there's no way to know if that will accomplish anything, but I'll be optimistic and wait to see. Since I am one day past my return deadline, my search for a long-term solution is important here.

One difference I wonder about though, is that checking my eligibility online, I am told that my lamp is not failing and to call the 800 service... does this mean that they have isolated the problem instead of changing everybody's screens? Anybody know the answer to this??

Thanks in advance and I will be sure to post my own updates as they come
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