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Fake basement windows?

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Anyone know the best way to make these windows appear longer?
I was thinking of framing them as a full size windows and adding some kind of white glass with lights. Than covering the entire thing with plantation style wood shutters.

End result would look like this??

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Make it bigger, make it safer: Although it is not required in your part of the universe you should think of your families safety if they are going to spend a lot of time in the basement.

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The best way to make a window appear to be larger then you can as you suggest frame it out and then put louvers, shutters, or drapes the full length to make the window "appear" to be larger.

I think the DIY network/website has something on this too. It was one of their shows I saw the idea.


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Here's what I did on all 3 basement windows. I added a 15W flourescent light tied in to the 3 way switch for the stairs. I don't have the louvered shutters installed permanently just yet (priming/painting in progress...), but took a couple of shots to give you an idea of what it looks like. During the day, it gives the feel of a full window. At night, it creates a warm glow and accents the windows. The top of the window will get about a 6" curtain or a valance (as my wife calls it)

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Javatime, Thanks for the pics! Exactly what I was going for.
What size did you make the "window"?
I was thinking of making the whole thing 32"x42"
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The inside finished dimensions are 31"W x 40"L. The shutters are 28"x28-1/2". I originally wanted the shutters a little smaller in length, but Lowes had 3 on clearance before I started the framing, so I grabbed them. I'm glad I did go bigger.
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