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I have that Star Wars Dark Empire 6 issue comic too, the one near the upper right in the picture.

build looks good.

Framed star wars band picture is a little scary. You've gone far beyond SW nerdom, my friend.
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lol how? seen the guys all sw build? i think hes gone far beyond me for that one besides i think its really cool and its also a very rare 1st edition print too there buddy
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I had no idea there were actually numbered runs of that print, THAT is scary. hahaha!! Carry on, my friend. I'm probably just as big a SW nerd as you, I just have a wife that keeps me in check.
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yeah the wife basically put the hammer down on my stuff too otherwise it would be much more drastic
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gotta get the other part done b4 i can take pix of it..all that room needs now is some dust removal and paint... then its 100% done....for now
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more to come again soon after tonight!
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I think you should have gone for a bigger screen

Nice looking cave!

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hey everybody, im baaaaack! got some more pix to put up... after my whirlwind year, major cancer surgery in january, eye surgery in july (still got em both tvm) house STILL standing. built my bar in my SW room moved into collecting vinyl records instead of star wars stuff... and redid the shelving for the movies... pix comin up tomorrow mornin
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heres a few shots i took this morning its at oh say 90% right now not all the way where i want it but damn close

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more to come later on after i get my camera set right... damn thing
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i picked up a laser show machine for in the bar... video to come later
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i gotta take another pic of the ceiling in the bar.. re did the lights with green instead of the blue...
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alright... more stuff.. textured the ceiling... in the process of re-doing the screen frame (actually wrapping it in a velour) added another room knocked out a wall... just working on tryin to figure out a door for the entrance... that ones gonna be tough since where the new entrance is its so short... any ideas on short doors?
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ok here we go! big update... so i thought id just share the link to the album... took these last night


i know i know its not 100% yet but im getting there
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word.... back now so heres the new shots

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Completely different direction than I've taken, but I really like it, looks like a really fun place to hang out. And gotta have respect for a man who puts Archer in the screen shots. wink.gif
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thanks? considering you've got more in your in your interior then I do in my entire build lol or that's the way it looks lol smile.gif
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Yeah I just meant that I opted to hide pretty much everything - speakers, rack, subs, disc storage, where yours has it on display
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word smile.gif anythoughts on something like this? im thinkin about hiding the fronts though

he wrapped it and made it all pretty any ideas ? I just don't want to sacrifice any screen size
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Yeah I've seen a couple builds like that, seems like it works well and can look nice - what would you do with the center channel, something about the screen? Or do you have space (without changing screen) to do that? Or phantom center?
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i would leave the center where it is and prolly just build around it since like I said im def not gonna give up any screen inches for sure
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Have you thought about an AT screen so you can put the center channel at the proper height?
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Good idea to center your dialogue
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Originally Posted by djkest View Post

Have you thought about an AT screen so you can put the center channel at the proper height?

I was going to suggest the same, but assumed since the room is complete basically, that the OP wouldn't want to replace the screen. But if so, an extra benefit would be that he could go cinemascope to go even wider, and put all three LCR behind it.
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an AT screen would be awesome but... since the wife says yay or nay on stuff ... and since ive already chosen my big purchase for this year ( I got a emotiva xpa-5 smile.gif ) gotta wait till maybe next year when I can choose my big yearly purchase but I am gearing up for a AT screen by building the nessacery boxes to house the speakers now and making them all hidden and mysterious and stuff smile.gif just would have to move the PJ back a bit smile.gif ill look into a AT screen this week for sure thanks for the idea guys!
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I just rode the spider man 3d ride at universal studios this weekend ... Makes me want 3d really bad smile.gif
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