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anyone have anythoughts on a dropped ceiling versus a drywall one? my builder is pushin the dropped but its expensive as hell....
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Well, this was recently discussed in darkpixie08's thread. Most here, including some who had done drop ceiling's chimed in to say that drywall was the way to go for the look and finish. Cost of a drop ceiling is definately very expensive, after doing the math my drop ceiling which I am doing for the workout area and pool table/concession area of my basement is 8-9 times more expensive than if I had just gone with sheetrock.

I went with a system called ceiling max so this allows the grid to be attached to joists or strapping so making the ceiling height comparable to what a drywall ceiling would be. To me maintaining access to certain things like cleanouts was important so that is why I was willing to do it. Some have said that you can do drywall and still have access panels to the necessary access points, but I had to many different locations which I would have needed acces to. This would have created a weird look IMO with multiple access panels in different locations.

While I hate the look of a 2x4 drop ceiling especially in a home, the look of 2x2 drop can look pretty good. I was carefull to try and center recessed lights to make it look well balanced, I'm also adding in ceiling speakers for the pool table area.
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so then i should just pony up the money and do it then is what youre sayin
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One thing that is not discussed here very often is treating the ceiling for first reflections ... I have to have the center channel above the screen and when I ran the first reflections proggy that is available here on the site ... as a result my intention was to treat the ceiling of my theater for first reflections

... I then broadened that into combining it with a star ceiling.

This a long way to suggesting that if you do drywall a ceiling you CAN have access doors and hide them with acoustic treatments

How often will you really need to gain access anyway ? ... moving a acoustic treatment to get to a access door would be rare I am guessing
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Good idea for the HT side of things ScruffyHT,

arc trooper,

I guess my point is that you need to figure out what you want more. Either a ceiling which is more easily accessible and put back together or a sheetrock ceiling which needs access panels or cut into and re-patched when you do need access.
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I'll chime in here. I went with a drywall ceiling although I have some stuff I may eventually need to get to above, (if something goes wrong)
If I had to do it over again I would have gone with this system
Like Oman said, they are more expensive, but worth some of the extra benefits that they provide. I know other people on here have used the Ceilume stuff, so you can ask them for feedback. They just look really cool to me too.
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ill probably go with drywall i mean its not like THAT big of a diff...im not too worried bout it besides ive got everything i need to get up there anyways who knows...
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lol i know i flip flop more then the shoe of the same name but it looks like after some careful consideration and getting my sample of the ceiling tile i got in the mail ill be goin dropped!
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heres some more pix for you! we decided to add 3/8 more to the steel and c-channel to help with making it more ridgid goin up tomorrow!!!

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well we got the beam up and guess what!!!! IT STAYED UP AND THE HOUSE DIDNT COME DOWN!!! got 16 feet wide of wonderful open space now to work with heres the pix of the process

whew! thats alot of pix!
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still up and goin! lol i guess it worked
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So now that the poles are moved whats your room size now 16' x ?
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16wide by 26 long
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got some more framing done tonight hopefully we can finish this thing up tomorrow and the next day....im gettin ancy..... more pix to come soon
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decided to make an adjoing room lobby-type deal.... any have anythought on folding doors?
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lookin better and better...
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If your interested PM me your info
in Eau Claire. I maybe interested in
stopping over and checking it out.
Someday I may build my own
home theater as well.
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The space is taking form. Glad you were able to safely get the columns out the way. Wish I had been able to do that with my space, would have made for lots more options with my configuration.
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yeah it was a trial, now costs are starting to spiral...thank the fed i get a nice fat tax check back.... gotta use it to pay some people! im hopin to have everything done and 100% by march 1st
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did some more drywalling tonight....movin at a snails pace right now... this sux
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Dam dude lets pick up the pace a little
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man i wish i could but im at the whim of the guy helpin me.... if it were me id have it done by now
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not sure if that wall with the drywall vertical will be hidden or not...however, here's a tip...

although it seems intuitive to just slap the drywall up vertically, the human eye is very good at sensing patterns....you WILL notice the seams in that wall (again, if they will be visible, not hidden by fabric/screen, etc).

laying the sheets horizontally in a brick like fashion staggers the seams and there is no repetitive pattern (there is a single horizontal line around the room, and 4ft vertical seams -- not contigous with the whole 8ft height).

I know it seems impossible that there is a difference, but trust me, the vertical joints will look bad!
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thanks for the input but ive had them this way before and it looked great to me at my last place... but you never know
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Sounds like it is time to consult a professional
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ha ha very funny knowitall
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got some wiring done tonight and another wall built starting to ratchet it up...
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got 2 walls built, got the ambition bug tonight... hopefully it will carry over to tomorrow
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wiring complete just have to finish up a lil 2 foot section of framing then DRYWALL!!! bout time!
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