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Looking for filmware update for my 227 232 Olevia. Just bought a Blu-Ray and guess what / No picture.. The filmware installed is A30-2.a19.a10.a01.a19
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Echo#2 I also need 237T firmware - MDB1_AQ_242T_L_21B or MDB1_AQ_242T_L_22A .
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Can someone help me? I need the newest firmware for 237-T12, FM1-037000EGO05. The power and/or video display sometimes goes black, it turns back on but it's becoming annoying. My current Firmware Version is (MDB1_AQ_242T_L_21B) I would really appreciate it!!
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Originally Posted by milenkosmagic View Post

Echo#2 I also need 237T firmware - MDB1_AQ_242T_L_22A .

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i have the 65' model# 265 FHD-T11 and looking for some help as of late it has started to freeze and go black but still have sound frown.gif i did dl a FW update (542_B11_061218A) and (PL-2303 Driver Installer) is there a how to for installing this update ? and all my pc's are W7 . i paid to much $$$ just give up on it and it has been good TV for me so if you help that would be great smile.gif you can send any and all info to kdferight@comcast.net smile.gif please the NFL playoffs are about to start and i love my big TV smile.gif
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Found a link to the 437 s11 firmware. Thought I would post it here.


Upgrade instructions for the Model: Olevia 237, 242, 437, 537 and 542


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thank you i only have 1 problem i don't have a face book acc frown.gif can you send the PDF's to my email ( kdfreight@comcast.net ) my wife has forbid from having a face book acc it's a long story frown.gif
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I just clicked on the full screen icon net to the +- then went to file/save page as.

If you do not set it to full page it gives errors when trying to save the page.

I also do not have a facebook account. For me it is because I never wanted one and never will.

If you have problems doing it the way I did repost and I will email them to you.
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I thought I would share this link here because I too have issues finding firmware for my Olevia hdtv. However, this is my first time on here ever so I do hope this link will appear! Also where do I find what "letter or number" my tv is?

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musicluver1384, If you look at the sticker on the back of the TV it will have the model number of your TV. I believe the format should be ###-LETTER##. Mine is, for example, 332-B11.

I have searched the universe, and can't find it - does anyone have the latest firmware and updater for the 332-B11? I have owned my TV for years and years, but never tried to use HDMI. The port won't recognize any device, any cable, etc. I assume it's a firmware issue. If not, I may need a new board. Anyone have any suggestions on what I might do?

While I'm at it, anyone know where to find universal remote codes for this TV? Harmony remote codes?

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I'd like to echo the request for a firmware bin if anyone has it saved on their system...


this one...




or maybe this one...






I know it's an older model and the company went broke, but I have a 242T that I bought on CL for cheap that works great except for I can't get anything to connect via HDMI. I've read other places that a firmware upgrade fixed this for some, but (just like everyone else) I can't find a newer firmware.


So, if anyone happens to have a firmware newer than my current firmware (MDB1_AQ_242T_L_11) I would love to give it a shot. 



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