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Yamaha Musiccast MCX-1000 - MCX-2000

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I want to transfer music from MCX-1000 to a newer MCX-2000 without having to reload entire collection is this possible and can I do it myself ? I also want to change to 750gb or 1TB drive can i do this at the same time ?
Any recomendations for make and model HD to use ?
Also is there anywhere I can download upgrade software/firmware s here in UK you have to take back to dealer to do and guess what theywant to charge you for the pleasure !

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All the software tools for repairing and upgrading the MusicCAST series are copy-write protected and only given to authorized service reps. You might find an unscrupulous dealer that might burn you a copy or become a dealer to receive the full benefits of being a Yamaha rep.

Moving music from the MCX-1000 to the MCX-2000 is possible with Yamaha software tools. The process is slow and requires some hardware. The data are moved from one server to the other so the MCX-1000 returns to an empty state when finished. I do have a setup to perform these data moves. I also have developed a method to retain the data on both systems, although you must accept the copy-write issues to the music.

Try either the Seagate Barracuda or one of the Western Digital (WD) "Green" drives. The Seagate has the longer warranty, but the WD is really quiet and cool. I'd love to do side-by-side comparisons. Before you buy one of these SATA drives, remember that all MusicCASTs are IDE\\PATA drives. That means you'll need to adapt the MusicCAST, change some cables, and even make room for the whole thing buy moving some parts around. It took me months and many tries before I figured out that you need to have two adapters, one for the formatting and transfer, and another for day-to-day usage.

I am happy to help. My prices are less than any dealer. I am in the US, so shipping will become significant. My UK and German customers all found the cost worth the benefit. Drop me a private message if you'd like to have the project performed professionally...
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Or you could find the files yourself at http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Musiccast/files/
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AVS Forum doesn't condone the use and distribution of pirated copy-written software - and you shouldn't either. Yamaha has done an excellent job creating a product and protecting the rights of the musicians that give us all much value. We can debate how much the musicians and Yamaha earn, but not that their products should or should not be protected.

Besides, these Yamaha upgrade and repair files are very large - one bad byte during download and you can brick your system. I have repaired more than a couple of user repair failures. The MusicCAST is an expensive product usually loaded with music data that took hours to load - most don't want to risk losing their finished product to mistakes.
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Originally Posted by setter View Post

AVS Forum doesn’t condone the use and distribution of pirated copy-written software – and you shouldn’t either...

Setter, are you a Authorised, Qualified, Yamaha Service Technician? Because to quote your "The AVS Forum doesn't condone the use of pirated software..." is pushing it.

If you are not an authorised, qualified, service technician then you are using Yamaha proprietary software illegally because you are using it for commercial gain. Perhaps you didnt realise this?

Personally, I think the fact that you knock around the forums and help people out is a great contribution to the very small MCX community! You have offered lots of good advice. I also think that you are ready to step in at a fair price to help people with hardware and upgrade issues which is also great

But if your contribution is more focused on self-interest, a little smoke and mirrors, perhaps a bit of unnecessary scaremongering, and bashing people who offer links to DIY tutorials, whilst at the same time touting your private services for a fee, then that is two things: 1. against the spirit of the community, and 2. against AVS Forum rules.

I remember some years ago when you were in the community asking for help and you got it for free. Funnily, for the same issue, the "software". Now you offer help to others but only for a fee. Please return to the "old you". No-one expects you to do physical upgrades and service for free, but if you received knowledge and information from the community in the past, pass it on, don't berate others for doing so.
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I have a relationship with my local Yamaha dealer. They provided me with the tools and I do all their MusicCAST work. I made a promise not to distribute Yamaha's software and have upheld that promise.

Yes, I provide forum, telephone and email support to many MusicCAST users. For example, I had a half hour conversation with someone the other day trying to decide to buy an MCX-1000 or -2000. And another email converation that took 20 or so emails about various MCX-2000 issues a day before that. I even swapped emails with the Connelly and helped him revive his server. And yes, I do repair bricked MCX- servers - one is on the way for repair next week.

I continue to be my old helpful self, but I selected the legal path. Without Yamaha products and musicians, my little symbiotic hobby ends...
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Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have a MCX-1000 and just purchased a MCX-2000(changed the HD to 1TB). I tried the MCX-1000 to MCX-2000 Music Move Tool which seems to work on the MCX-1000(puts it in transfer mode), but I get an error on the MCX-2000? I used windows to unzip the files and burn the disk. What am I doing wrong?
Many thanks to whoever can help a fellow MusicCASTer.
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The error I get on the MCX-2000 is 'UPDATE ERROR @E006'. This happens almost immediately after I hit start with MCX-1000 to MCX-2000 Move Tool.
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Thanks for the PM egleyf. I'll work with you directly.
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Yamaha have decided to discontinue the musicast system, i wish to use the files stored on my 1tb drive with say a sonos unit. Is there an easy way of transfering to new network drive ?
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Yamaha have discontinued Musiccast, their backup in the UK is very poor, I have an MC1000 with 21,000 tracks stored on HD. Unit now faulty cant get it replaced want to transfer files to NAS server to use, Yamaha say tough reload all your discs ?

Does anyone know how to transfer the files from the Yamaha to a NAS server ?
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Lucky for us in the USA Yamaha still sells and supports the MCX-2000. And, by the looks of the MusicCAST2 MCX-RC100, Yamaha are abandoning the audiophile that wont accept compressed music like MP3, ACC and the like. The MusicCAST2 is a portable music player, loaded yes, but an MP3 player like all the rest...bummer. That makes the MCX-1000 and -2000 a rare and pure audiophile gem!!

Anyway, I don't know of any way to transfer the MP3 or PCM music data from the MCX-1000 or -2000 to a computer or NAS server. The music is well protected from portability as that was Yamaha's intent.

If you need a hand repairing or want to sell your MCX-1000, drop me a PM.
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Hi Setter

Any suggestions on how to cajole the software & instructions from Yamaha UK on how to take my MCX-2000 from the standard 160GB to 500 or 750GB? I've tried several times, and they're just not interested, plus the service agents over here in northern england have no experience with them. I had a MCX-1000 that went weird & had to take that in person to the dealers in London and argue over a fault while the unit was under a month old.
I'd ask you to do the swap - but the long distance shipping for the whole unit could be troublesome (had a bad experience with the Customs people) and expensive.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.
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I cozied up to my local Yamaha service center and prmoised to do all their upgrades. Its been a good trade. Beware of software downloads from Yamaha - it took the dealer multiple tries that produced errors during the update (usually an inability to recognize the original hard drive) before they just gave up and ordered original discs from Yamaha.

Check into shipping and customs. I do many repairs on x-ray equipment that is "returned for repair" and they always pass thru customs without a bill! There's no reason why a piece of audio equipment wouldn't be handled the same.

PM me if you need ore help.
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Send me an email litloan@gmail.com
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Hi Setter,
Is there a way to simply transfer the music files off the MCX-1000 drive to an external drive? I would like to use my Mac to manage my music now, but don't want to scrap my MCX-1000 without getting the music off of it. Plus, many of the CDs I used to load the MCX are now long gone, so if I can't do this, my music is trapped! Any help you can provide will be GREATLY appreciated!

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Nope. Yamaha seems 100% committed to artists rights and have made the music file structure proprietary (or hidden) such that copies are impossible. I am sure someone savvy with Linux can crack the structure, but at what cost? Your CDs are your originals. You can rip back to CDs all your missing CDs stored that you stored in PCM format.
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