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Multiple Display Issues w/ Projector

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I have a HTPC (Running Win XP SP3) that I'm trying to connect to a projector and a small LCD monitor simultaniously. I have a 7900 GTX to accomplish this, with the projector hooked up through the component output of the card, and the LCD into an DVI to VGA adapter. I just installed a Blu Ray drive and bought PowerDVD ultra and play Blu Ray disks just fine on the projector. I have the monitors in dualview mode. Here's the problem: I can only play DVDs on the LCD. As soon as I move the window to the projector, I get a DVD playback error, claiming my resolution is too high. I've humored this and turned it down to 800X600 with no luck. DVDs refuse to play through any software player (Nero Showtime, WMP, PowerDVD) on the projector. I've updated every driver I can think of, reinstalled every player, and even tried multiple DVD drives. None play on the projector. The LCD is fine. I've disconnected the LCD at this point fearing copyright issues. Still no dice. I have watched DVDs through the projector before the Blu Ray install, and even after the install before I got PowerDVD, on the projector. I am out of ideas. A million thank yous in advance.
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Do you also have the PowerDVD Icon on both sceens so you can start it from either one instead of moving the window it is running in?
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For a start you need AnyDVD HD to remove the HDCP copy projection for multiple monitors, non-encrypted data path. Then start worrying about players & resolutions...
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I can start the player in whatever screen I wish. I can even move the window halfway between screens without interrupting playback, in any software. As soon as I move the window completely onto the projector it stops. I was using HDMI to go to the projector for a while and switched to component to dodge the HDMI's copyright protection. And like I said, I have completely unplugged the LCD from the computer at this point and DVDs still will not play on the projector. I just figured the dual screen thing was worth mentioning anyway, because the LCD has no issues at all. Thanks again.
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I am confused you state that you can start the player on which ever screen that you want and then you state when you move the window it is playing in to the projector you have problems.
So what happens when you start the player from the projector screen so that you never have to move it to that screen from your other screen?
I think that the problem may be caused by using the monitors in dualview mode which is not supported in Vista but is still supported in XP.
Have you tried using extended desktop mode instead?
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You can not play BD in dual view. You can only play a BD on the primary display, I don't much about Nivida cards.
With ati cards you can create a profile which allows you to swap between displays. Also it will create icons on the desktop for each profile. For example I have a "projector" and a "monitor" icon, this allows me swap between each mointor at a click.
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So what happens if you make a copy of the PowerDVD Icon and put it on your secondary display and then try to play a regular DVD?
What error do you get when you try and play a BD from using Icon?
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Sorry for any confusion. I can play BD fine on either screen. I can drag the window and move it around with no problems. I can play a DVD on the LCD screen. I can move it to split it between the screens until the entire window is on the projection screen, then it states that my resolution is too high (in PowerDVD error 0124). I have tried lowering the resolution for kicks, but I've played DVDs through the projector before. Windows Media Player states copyright isses. I have unplugged the LCD completely so that dual monitors are no longer a factor to consider. I still cannot play DVDs on the projector. Games are fine. BDs are fine. DVDs have issues in any software player. I can try AnyDVD, but I'm not sure why I would need to strip copyright protection from a legit disk in a legit disk drive just to view the video on a single screen (without any dual screen issues to worry about). What could be stopping me?
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The reason I keep asking you to have a PowerDVD Icon on your secondary display screen is so that when it starts it will use the resolution output assigned to the secondary display instead of possibly using the resolution of the LCD primary screen when you move it after starting it from one screen to the other when playing a DVD.
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I gotcha Walford. Can you think of a reason why the LCDs res would be conflicting with the projector without it being plugged in?
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No, If the LCD is not connected then the projector should be the primnary display and you would be starting PowerDVD from it.
What is the native resoloution of the projector?
What resolutions does the projector user's manual say it will accpt over component?
What make/model projector do you have?
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Tergo247, Can you connect the PJ via a vga cable??
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Originally Posted by Bignickfly View Post

You can not play BD in dual view. You can only play a BD on the primary display

Playing BD movies in the dual display mode (digital[HDCP]+digital[HDCP], digital[HDCP]+analog or analog+analog) is no problem here. I can play a movie in either display.
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You might try going to control panel and setting the primary display to the Projector. You can still leave your taskbar on the LCD but when you open windows that don't save their screen position, they now will open on the Projector screen, not on the LCD.

Rt Click Desktop, Properties
Advanced (I think???, not sure on this from memory)
Click on the second display icon
Check the box for "Use this as the Primary Display:"

See if that works for ya.
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Originally Posted by renethx View Post

Playing BD movies in the dual display mode (digital[HDCP]+digital[HDCP], digital[HDCP]+analog or analog+analog) is no problem here. I can play a movie in either display.

renthx, Can you start a BD playback one display then drag the window to the other display?
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In Post #11 the OP stated that his problem is not with playing BD disks on either display it is onlyh with playing standard DVDs on the secondary display.
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I have an Infocus ln72. The manual states that it can accept 720p through the component inputs. And it does. Everything but DVDs. I haven't been able to identify the native resolution of the projector. I had been using a DVI to HDMI cable, but that did crazy things to playback with the multiple monitor setup. Thanks for the interest guys.
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In case some people missed it, the issue at this point isn't with multiple monitors (I'm tempted to start a new thread). Right now I have one display, a projector, that refuses to display DVDs. Games and BD run fine. To reiterate, I have tried multiple software players, and multiple disk drives. WMP states copyright issues, Nero 9 just says Unexpected DVD Error, and PowerDVD 8 Ultra states the resolution of the monitor is too high (even when lowered to the minimum). I find it worth noting that DVDs play fine on an LCD monitor when it's connected, whether secondary, primary, or alone.

It feels like I'm missing a Codec somewhere that all the players would need to reference for decoding DVDs to be displayed at a given resolution. But that wouldn't be the case if I've tried changing the res of the projector... would it?
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I believe your Projector is an IN72 no a LN72. Its native resolution is 852x480 see:


What interfrace and resolutiion are you using on your LCD?
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Does the projector display res in Control Panel coincide with the actual projector res? (now that you know the native res).

Does Control panel see the projector as a generic display device, or is there a "driver" definition that's been found? In other words, did the system see the proj as what it is? I've had playback issues in the past when displays did not detect correctly. Some were really hit or miss. Like, the same vid may play today, may not... Was strange.
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My bad Walford, you are correct (IN72). I have a whole new bag of issues. I switched the resolution of the PC to 480p (which I believe translates to 852x480). This made a much smaller viewing area on the screen (it indented the sides and top and bottom) and only allowed me to see about 40% of the screen (I now have to use the mouse to scroll around to view different parts of the screen). I tried to play a DVD this way and it works. Hoo rah. I can only see half the screen at once, but it plays. I now have this annoying box however, which remains even after I go back to 720p. It now refuses to fill the screen, as if I were using a magnification utility. It won't go away.
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480p is normally 640x480.
I believe your problem is partially caused by the fact that DVDs are 4:3 aspect ratio SD 480i resolution and you are playing them on a 16:9 aspect ratio display.
You couold also try sending 480i.
Also now that the DVDs are playing on the PJ you need to check the picture size options available on the PJ when sending it 480p or 480i to see if you can at leat zoom it so that you no longer get the black bars on the top and bottom.
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I was able to fix my issue by switching my video card to auto detect the source. It then filled the screen again. Things are workable now. It appears that I have to switch resolutions whenever I want to watch DVDs. Unless anyone knows a way around this, thank you guys a lot, and I'll try to repay the favor elsewhere on the forums.

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