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KDSR60XBR1 Lamp replacement question

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The lamp just burned out on my KDSR60-XBR1.I just ordered a replacement. Just wanted to know if there was anything else that I had to do after replacing the lamp? Do I need to reset anything? 1st time doing this. Thanks for the info
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BRICK, I replaced my lamp prior to its burn out: approximately 5500 hours usage. I did this so that when the second bulb goes out, I will have an immediate replacement until the new one gets in.

When I changed the bulb, I did nothing else to the set. No problems with install. Everything works fine.

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Thanks for getting back to me.
I did change my bulb.TV looks great now.
I even ordered a spare bulb for next time.
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Where did you get the bulb? Is the bulb location on the right side of the set?

Thanks Rich
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Yes, the lamp location is on the right hand side, Phillips head screwdriver to take the cover off and then the lamp is right there, slides right out,slide the new one in. Simple.
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Hey, I just ordered mine from the same place today. I have 8000 hours on my original lamp and I will replace it when the new one comes in so I will have a spare for temporary use if I ever need it.
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I ordered 2 when I placed my order. Now I know,its always good to have a spare
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The TV screen is darker and skin tones are greenish. I hope it's the lamp. The rest of the picture is fine. This happened about 2 weeks ago. How can you figure out how many hours are on your lamp.

Thanks Rich
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Originally Posted by richst View Post

The TV screen is darker and skin tones are greenish. I hope it's the lamp. The rest of the picture is fine. This happened about 2 weeks ago. How can you figure out how many hours are on your lamp.

Thanks Rich

These TVs have what is commonly referred to as the "green blob" problem. I just had my optical block replaced this week because of this. I've had my TV for 3 years, but this problem got a lot worse over the last 6 months. It can be easily seen if you go to the memory stick screen and turn down the color so a solid grey screen is shown. After doing this, if it looks green and not grey, then your optical block has gone bad. Sony is fixing this, with no cost to you, until June 2009.

If your picture has started to look darker, then your lamp may be nearing the end of its life. They are rated at 6000-8000 hours.

To get into the SM(service menu) to check lamp hours follow this procedure: With your set already on, press the following keys on the remote control within 4 seconds:

[POWER] omit this step if TV is off

If you succeeded, you'll see a small green/cyan font display in the center of the screen.
To check Lamp Hours while in SM:

Press [JUMP] 3 times until you get a large neon green font display.
Press [5] 5 times until you get to the 20 Timer, 0 LMP display. Hours are displayed to the right.

Other useful keys:
[2] / [5] = up/down categories
[1] / [4] = up/down items

Don't press these unless you want to make changes:
[3] / [6] = change values

Getting Out of SM:

Likewise, to get out and stay on:

small pause
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Thanks, how was dealing with Sony? Any pointers, I think I have the green blob. Thanks for the info about the memory stick. Did you get a new block or a rebuilt one. Do you think the same thing will happen in another 3 years? How long did it take to repair and how long from your initial call to Sony before it was repaired?

Thanks, I know that's a lot of questions.

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In my case, Sony was pretty good to work with. The guy I talked to asked for my serial number and when and where I bought my TV. He then gave me a case number and told me that a local repair shop would be calling me to set up an appointment. After I hung up, about 5 minutes later I got a call from the local repair shop. He asked me a few questions about the picture problem I was having and from there he said he would order the replacement optical block and call me back when it came in to schedule my repair.

I'm pretty sure all the optical blocks are rebuilt, I believe mine was as well. All one can do is hope the replacement optical block will last at least a couple of years. I have no knowledge about their longevity. My picture looks good, except it's now a bit darker than before, which is the reason I just ordered a new lamp. Even before my optical block replacement I noticed it was taking a longer time for my lamp to warm up when first turning on my TV, plus I have 8000 hours.

I called Sony on Monday and the tech came out and replaced it on Thursday, not too bad. It took about 45 minutes for the work to be done. He had to practically take the whole TV apart to get to the optical block assembly. He said he had done about 100 of these, so he knew what he was doing. This was just my experience, so YMMV. Good luck.
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I called Sony today and got an appointment for next Monday to fix my TV. I asked the person I spoke with if the OB was rebuilt or new and he said it was new. I'll ask the tech next Monday and I'll let you know.

Thank for your help Rich
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The tech said the OB was new.
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All the OBs are refurbs. They don't make new ones any longer.

Back to original question: New bulb requires recalibration (brightness and picture) if you want the best picture. If you had the equipment, it also benefits from tweaking the grayscale (white balance) after 100 hours of use.
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