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Incremental zoom and overscan ON LCDs

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I am researching to buy a flat panel high definition display(probably LCD) and one of my requirements is to have an incremental zoom feature.Don't get me wrong.I am a strong advocate of OAR.I never intend to watch any movie or whatever video other than on it's original aspect ratio.But from what I understand incremental zoom might be important while watching non anamorphic 4:3 letter-boxed DVD(this means it gets window-boxed on wide-screen 16:9 displays) and Criterion's(video distribution co.) window-boxed 4:3 DvDs(few of their classic academy-ratio-film video releases are window-boxed to compensate for over scan).
I am assuming there wont be over-scan[by default] on the panel I will be buying(this is my other requirement).

So what I figured is If the TV set has incremental zoom feature:

1.In the case of the window-boxed 4:3 criterion dvds ,it would be possible to zoom the video without cropping any content.

As another solution to the problem What about enabling over-scan on the display to a certain percentage,say 7%, to correct the window-boxed criterion DVDs ,do LCDs and plasmas have optional over-scan?If so is it possible to select the percentage?(for example from 0 to 10%).

2.In the case of non anamorphic DVD,it would be possible to remove the upper-bars and only the side-bars would remain(it would be only pillar-boxed instead of window-boxed after zooming incrementally).Note that no content would be lost or cropped. Please, tell me if there is such thing as an incremental zoom feature in flat-panel displays?
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For the purpose of this discussion SD is 480i digital or analog with a normal 4:3 display and side bars on an HDTV. HD is 720p or 1080i/p which fills the 16:9 screen with 1.77 WS.

For what it's worth my two HDTV 16:9 JVCs do not have incremental zoom. The Normal zoom is the normal one for SD. The Full zoom is the normal zoom for HD. These are described below.

With SD there is a Normal zoom which display 4:3 with side bars and therefore provides an non-distorted normal picture.

They have a Panoramic zoom for SD and HD which stretches evenly in the center and unevenly on the sides to fill the screen from an SD 4:3 display. Some vertical over-scan occurs on a full 4:3 display and it under scans vertically if the SD is a window boxed 16:9. It can be useful for HD displaying 4:3 material but no value for HD otherwise.

There is a Full zoom which stretches SD horizontally to the 16:9 screen making people fat. It is the normal zoom for HD. There is a very small over scan with this zoom. The 1080p set has a pixel mapping option for 1080i tuner and HDMI inputs. There is a Slim zoom for HD but I have never seen a use for that.

Finally there is a linear Cinema Zoom available for both SD and HD which provides a linear stretch. For HD 2.35 WS this zoom fills the screen vertically but you lose the sides. For SD there is major over-scan. I suspect most sets have these zoom settings and some have more.
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On some sets zoom cannot be implemented via HDMI @720 or 1080 output, I beleive it has somthing to do with copyright protection.
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