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I've been searching the web for Home Theatre/component set-up plans and have run into an apparent contradiction/competition:

Given the desire for an all HDMI system and the following components:
1. Cable box (model unknown - I assume it will support Coax in with HDMI out (And possibly additional coax out)).
2. Blue Ray player with HDMI Out
Into AVR Receiver (Denon 3808) with 4 HDMI inputs and 1 out.
AVR HDMI out to an HDTV - HDMI Input.

Ideally it seems one would want to connect everything through the receiver via HDMI and have a single HDMI out to the TV. (Right?)

I have seen an alternate setup suggesting the cable box (and possibly even the HD-DVD) out goes into the TV and then run a digital audio cable from the TV to the AVR.

Is this pre-HDMI thinking? Or it seems it is a suitable setup for an audio only receiver... ?

Given the Denon 3808, which I am assuming acts as a complete audio&video switching system, should support the "ideal" approach - right?

Problem 2 - what happens when I add a DVR/Tivo to this system? where do I put it? between cable box and AVR? Or do I get forced back to having it head into the TV, bypassing the AVR?

Thanks in advance?