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HTIB - What would be a good choice for me?

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Hi all...

Was doing some research on HTIB's and I must admit alot of this is over my head, Buying a TV as easier than this...seemingly :P

I was going to go with ONKYO HTS5100 or similar, however I have found out my area does not have a seller of the systems. Consumer Reports also mentions a few others but none seem to have everything im looking for. Is it possible my combination is not possible?

Here is what I am looking for..

My room is ~10ft by 20ft with the TV on the 10 ft wall, my couches are not against the back wall, and there are no major structural objects in the room (pillars etc..).

I currently have a LG 50inch Plasma (50PC5D), and a Xbox Elite (HDMI), running through HDMI cables.

I will be buying a Blueray in the future, if not with this package...not sure there.

Im hoping for 500$ range but could go to 700$ CAD.

However what i want (or think i want) is a 5.1 or 7.1 , HDMI input is a must (blueray + XBOX + HDCable) so a 3/1 input/output is best. Wireless rear speakers would be best, however I hear you can buy an adaptor for these. Other things like ipod doc, etc are not really needed...major uses will be for movies/gaming.

I ideally dont want a DVD player included in the sytem as the blueray will do all that, so that has basically eliminated most of the consumer Reports top list. Sony HTDDWG700 was next but no HDMI inputs..

Thoughts would be appreciated...any input would be appreciated..

thanks in advance
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Hey sounds like you got a pretty sweet set up so far !

I have an onkyo system myself for my bedroom (HT-S3100B) and so far its been great for my first HT and im in the process of finding a 32-40in Tv for my room to go with this and my xbox 360.

Sounds like you picked out the right one for yourself the Onkyo HT-5100 looks like a great system and has everything that you need like the HDMI inputs. Its also great because its a stand alone reciever meaning you could upgrade speakers at a later time if you dont think the stock speakers areup to par. From hearing my HT-3100 I would highly recomend getting the Onkyo !
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go with the Onkyo HT-S6100.

amazing system.
$568 shipped from www.us-appliance.com

that would work wonderfully for you.
plus, yo get a very good system with four HDMI in one out.
a system that can decode all of the HD audio Codecs, and it is 7.1.

it really is a wonderful system. i would recommend that.

and, i know you'd like to have a seller close to you, but the 6100 is worth the hassle.

if you can't swing ordering online, i don't know what to tell you man.
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I called us appliance today and they are of course all sold out of the S6100s. They said that the were sold out due to Christmas. It wouldn't have worked out for me anyway, as they wanted to charge 350 dollars shipping to Alaska. I am waiting for the refurbs to come back to Onkyo, or I may just settle for the Sony HT7200DH.
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Thanks guys...

Actually surprising enough after looking at all the stores in the area...i tried The Brick....and guess what they have on their site...

Onkyo HT-S6100 for 650 CAD..

Will watch them...snatch it up as soon as i see a deal...or i get sick of waiting....

Thanks all
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Probably wont see a deal pop up anytime soon. These are in high demand right now which is why they are sold out everywhere.
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