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Kenwood DV-5050M or 5900M with DVD-R disks???  

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I have been searching for an answer to this question for over a week, and I think I'll finally get my answer here...

I'm looking to build a nice Mega changer for my DVD collection which consists of DVD's, CD's (audio), DVD-R's (mix of authord movies and some DVD backups).

This will be the start of my eventual home theatre. Right now I have a Mitsu 40" tube, but will eventually go to a projector.

Here's my question:

Does this mega changer play DVD-R (recorded) media? As a test I created a disk (2 sided DVD-R), which played just fine on my Pioneer DV-C503 player. I went to my local retailer and wanted to see if it played in their DV-5900M. Unfortunatly they didn't have it hooked to a TV, so all I had to go by was the front panel. It DID NOT appear to play, but not being able to see the on-screen menu left me skeptical. It also failed to play in a Sony DVP-CX860, so maybe it's something I did during the authoring state (although it played on my Pioneer).

I'm really looking to use DVD-R 2 sided media (www.cd-recordable.com), and use the flip capability of either this or the Sony changer, but I dont' want to buy a player that won't play DVD-R

This forum seems to be full of folks that actually HAVE these players, so I'm hoping to get some good (hopefully positive), responses.

Many thanks,

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Now I know you guys are here, the Kenwood threads have hundred of responses.

Is anyone out there using DVD-R's with their Kenwood players? Has anyone tried and suceeded with the 2.95 disks?

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I wanted to close out this thread with some information that I gathered over the weekend concerning the use of DVD-R's in the Kenwood players.

I visited a local retailer who had a DV-5900M set up and I was able to try my 'prototype' disks in their machine. The results are in:

1. 8 dollar Pioneer DVD-R played just fine, started playing immediatly (no lag time)

2. 3 dollar cd-recordable.com disk did NOT play. Tried two different 'cheapo' disks and neither wanted to run in the Kenwood.

I then tried a Sony CX860 (300+1) and Both the more expensive and the cheapo DVD-R's played. The cheapo DVD-R took 7-10 seconds of extra 'seeking' before it began playing, but it did play. I was also surprised to see the Sony play my DVD-RW without any problems.

I decided to buy the CX860. This is basically the cheapest changer out there, but for my needs, and considering it's going into a whole house video distribution system, it will do the job just fine. It also has a s-link jack that is rumored to allow the remote to control my Sony CD jukebox, so staying in the Sony family will probably benefit me a bit here.

My initial impressions on the Sony is that I can live with all the GUI shortcomings that everyone has written about. Sometimes I think people get too wrapped up in features. Personally, I just want to be able to watch a movie, not sort the movies by the directors dogs name.

Thanks to all of those folks who responded. I still think the Kenwood is a nice changer, but now I can afford a ProntoPro TSU6000 to fix all the GUI problems on the Sony and make coffee!


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I have the DV-5900M and nobody has ever answered my posts either. To answer your post, I have tried 2 brands of DVD-R (one cheap and one by Pioneer) and they both worked. One gave me a problem at first but then I cleaned some fingerprints/dust off the disc and it worked fine. I was glad to see that the manual was wrong or that they just don't "officially" support DVD-R.

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Come on Guys---Some of you have to have both devices.
I posted this about a week ago with no replies.
I use the HP DVD+RW to burn the disc. I will bet the
5900m can't play them. Thanks for the answer in advance.
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I have a new PC with a DVD burner so this topic is quite interesting. It has been a while since this thread has been updated. Is there more experiences out there? Details of what media (and sources for it) would be greatly appreciated.

This site has only a couple entries for the 5900M and 5050M. Would seem like a good place to add your input as well.


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Source location of information:

i) Kenwood Sovereign System (Changer, Entre, and Receiver) Issues and Answers (http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...threadid=95150)

ii) Print all URL link (up to first 2184)

Posted by Mkellyvich on 11-20-02 08:53 PM:
I've had success playing DVD+RW burned on a HP DVD-writer 200i in the DV-5900M. Disc was burned using Sonic's MyDVD program, video files included 720x480 AVI and MPEG files as well as VCD-resolution AVI files. Menus and chapters all worked fine. I've only done three discs, all on Memorex DVD+RW media - your mileage may vary. There is a post on VCDhelp.com that claims DVD-RW compatibility for the 5900M as well.
Posted by fredisdead69 on 11-21-02 02:44 AM:
DVD+-R R/W Compatibility

I have had success with DVD+RW and DVD-R with both premium and budget media.

The unit will play DVD's authored with non standard video and audio. eg. I burn DVD-R's of Tivo extracted video which is 480x480 with MP2 audio, and they play fine on my 5900M.

Kenwood support's official position is that the 5900 does not support DVD+-R R/W, but it does, they just don't want to help diagnose our authoring problems.
Posted by kelliot on 11-24-02 12:38 AM:
Re: DVD-R and DVD+R on DV-5900M

I have gotten DVD+RW disks to play on my 5050M from my Phillips 985 but it is clearly touchier than other players. By touchy, I mean that the higher chapters sometimes have a tougher time syncing up.

I've defintely had problems with higher chapters on DVD-R copies, this seems to somehow be related back to the original recording, i.e. a copy works or it doesn't.

I copy from a Showstopper HS2000 to the Phillips 985 and have used a PC to make a cheapy DVD-R on a few occasions. Now, I just use inexpensive DVD-RWs and DVD+Rs.

I have yet to try a DVD+R on the 5050 however.
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Scott mentioned my success with DVD+RW in the 5900M. I've since copied several of those disks onto DVD+R (Memorex media) and have played them reliably in the DV-5900M.

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Thought I'd mention my experiences. I haven't tried a DVD-R disk yet(plan to this weekend). But I have about 30 Sony DVD-RW disks currently in my 5900M with no problems. Additionally if anyone was wondering it appears the player is very lax when it comes to non-standard video sizes. It will play stuff I have taken off my PVR501 and sent straight to DVD without re-encoding. The video size coming off the PVR is usually 544x480.
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Originally posted by Mathazar 05-31-03 03:51 PM
I've been using primarily Ritek 2x DVD-R media (spindles of 100 for about $120 via internet) and they play back fine in my 5900M. I burn my discs in a 2x Toshiba drive and a 2x Pioneer drive. The only time I've gotten choppy/poor playback was when I was experimenting with SVCD which the 5900M doesn't support. Recordable VCDs and DVDs are playing back fine for me. Kris
From the i) thread listed above in my 04-03-03 07:54 AM entry
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