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Greyhawk Made Screendoor Worst  

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I received my Greyhawk sample today. I immediately tried it and WOW; the screendoor was MUCH more noticable when compared with the white fabric that I'm currently using.

I'm using a PLV-60 with a 45x80 image, seating is 12 to 13' back.

Have others noticed the same? Is this a characteristic of all high contrast screens? I was planning to get some DaLite High Contrast Da-Mat samples as well to see if it has the same issue.

Although the contrasts and colors are enhanced with the Greyhawk, I cannot accept the increased screendoor.

Is there anyone out there with a PLV-60 or similar who has had success with a DIY grey screen?

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I tried the PLV-60 on a microperf GrayHawk and did not feel that the screendoor was any more noticeable. I ordered a sample of the Da-Lite High Contrast Cinema Vision (a grey version of their ISF certified Cinema Vision with a gain of 1.1). When it arrives, we should meet and do a comparison.
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Sounds like a plan. My replacement PLV-60 does not have the blooming problem. Thanks for helping me compare our projectors.

I contacted DaLite for the second time yesterday. They will be shipping good size samples of Da-Matt, and High Contrast Da-Matt. When they arrive, let's plan to spend some time comparing all the samples.

The Grayhawk sample is about 2'x2.5' which is great for evaluation.

I've not eliminated the Grayhawk, I was just surprised that it brought out the screendoor. I guess it's my 'golden eye'. Then again, my 'golden eye' is important for my job.

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I tried a sample of the High Contrast Cinema Vision and liked what I saw. It is really hard to tell from such a small sample and I have heard reports that it adds a yellowish tint to the image. Would you mind reporting back your findings after you have had a chance to view it?
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Will do. Hey, if we tape all of our samples together, maybe we will end up with a complete screen. I bet the tape will also help mask the screendoor. Now if we can only get Da-Lite to ship samples of their frames.
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Do you have names of DaLite dealers in Ottawa? I've asked Duocom to give me a quote on a screen but I would like to get other prices as well. Duocom will also give a quote on a Draper.

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Radar, I've got a quote from Bleekers for a HDTV Pem-Wall "High Contrast DA-Mat 58" x 104" for around $1,000.00 CDN I don't know of any others.
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What may be happening is that the texture of the white fabric screen you were using is masking the appearance of the screendoor to some degree. When you switched to a smooth and flat screen surface this may have increased the perceptibility of the screen door. You could try comparing with a piece of copier paper which is relatively smooth and very matte to see if you notice the screendoor more on the paper over your original fabric.


Kam Fung
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To be honest, I have really been stuck on Stewart so I am not sure who sells Da-Lite in Ottawa. The price that Haas was quoted is well under half of the price of the Stewart GrayHawk. I would be more interested in the High Contrast Cinema Vision (gain of 1.1) than the High Contrast Da-Mat (gain of 0.8), with the former being more expensive due to its optical coating which increases gain and decreases the effects of ambient lighting. If I did get a Da-Lite, I would also be more interested in the Da-Snap frame which can be purchased with a black velvet covering.

I have never given any thought to a Draper screen because I have only heard negative comments regarding their quality. Stewart would be my first choice followed by Da-Lite. I am now giving serious consideration to Da-Lite because of this new High Contrast Cinema Vision screen material which may be a good choice given the size of screen I need (thinking of a 58"x104" or maybe a 62"x110") and the anticipated cost savings that may be realized by comparison to a Stewart.

Ray and Haas,
If we all decide to get Da-Lite screens, then we should get together and try for a really good price based on purchasing volume.
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I'm interested in that new screen material as well Scott. The samples that I'm getting are DaMat and DaMat HC. Should be here in a couple of weeks.

I'll try your suggestion Kam. I'm also picking up some blackout material this weekend to try as well.

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