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Thank You  

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Just wanted to thank everyone for all of the great information and advice. I just had a Winegard 7020 antenna and Samsung SIR-T150 connected to my Mits. 55857. I just finished programing my Pronto remote and I am all set for a night of digital tv viewing.

FYI, I am in Chicago about 25 miles from the transmitters and seem to get all digital stations broadcasting at about 50%, including CBS. I have not been in front of the set long enough to notice any audio or video drop outs, or audio synch problems, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Now it is just a matter of getting Jim Burns out here to calibrate the set.

Thanks again.

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Hello JT, I am in Bartlett IL aand I was thinking of getting the Stealthtenna by channelmaster. I was wondering how you liked your winegaurd antenna? Thanks.
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Give me a call. I am ready! 773-467-0640
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I think the antenna is good, I am just not so sure about the installers. It just went up Wednesday and I have not gotten any signal strength greater then 50%. I do not have drop outs or pixelation to speak of on any station so I can't complain.

If the weather is as good as they say this weekend, I may venture up to the roof to take a look at if the antenna is aimed properly and how they are gounding it.

Like I say though, the combo of the Winegard antenna and the Samsung T150 are so far working great.
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Thank you JTM.
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