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Remote volume problem with Onkyo SR506

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The volume up/down buttons for my Onkyo SR506 remote work in a very annoying way. When I press the volume up or down I can only get the volume to move one digit before I have to wait for the remote light to blink three times. I then have to press the up or down button again to get the volume to move one more digit. Takes forever to change the volume an appreciable amount. Do all Onkyo remotes work in this fashion or am I missing something?
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i have the 502 (cant wait to upgrade) and i do not have that issue with the onkyo remote or my harmony 890. sorry, i cant help you other than that.
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I have the SR603 and do not have that problem with its remote or my Harmony 670.

Call Onkyo, there may be a problem with the remote.
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I just purchased an SR606, and I have the very same problem -- I have to press the volume button many times to raise the volume. Similarly, I may have to press the mute button several times to mute the audio. Ditto turning the receiver on and off. I have noticed that every time I press a button on the remote, the red light on the remote blinks, but the red light on the receiver (indicating a signal has been received from the remote) may or may not blink. When it blinks, the action (volume is changed or muted or receiver turns on or off) is taken; when it doesn't, nothing happens. Pls let me know if you find out what is happening and how to fix it.
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I forgot to add that the remote control with my sr606 is RC-710M.
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I have since discovered that the sporadic operation of the remote was because I use a remote control extender by Leapfrog. The receiver is behind a wooden door. Opening the door and removing the Leapfrog eliminates the problem. The Leapfrog is the unit that is working sporadically -- it can take from 1 to many clicks to raise volume, mute, etc. The Leapfrog worked fine with my old Sherwood receiver. I don't know why I am now having a problem with my new sr606 receiver.
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I had this problem. The way i fixed it was to remove the batteries, hit every button once, then placed the batteries back in.
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God/Allah/FSM bless you. The volume control buttons on my remote hasn't worked in months, removed the batteries and just randomly pushed buttons for a few seconds, put 'em back in and viola.
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