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Good 7ch Amp for a Marantz AV8003?

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Anybody have any opinions on a good matching 7-channel Amp for the AV8003? I'm reluctant to get the paired MM8003 because the 8th channel seems like a waste to me. I'm running an NHT Evolution T6 speaker system (6 ohm). I've taken a brief look at B&K, Parasound and Sherbourn. If I can get something for under $2000, sweet...but I budgeted up to $3K. Let me know. Thanks in advance!

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The MM8003 is not discrete so if you're not using the full 8 channels the "extra" power will be split among the channels you do use.

Personally, I would look for a used Theta Dreadnaught, Pass Labs X300.5, a BAT or a Gemstone.
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You can get the MM8003 for $1700


The amp is fantastic.
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You may want to give the Emotiva line a look also.

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Thanks for your inputs, gang. The Emotiva looks quite tempting. I think the suggestions by cansp6 are going to be a bit out of the price range, even if I can find 'em used. Anyone else care to throw in?

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NAD M25 Masters
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The Emotiva MPS-2 is a fantastic amplifier.

Those with more of a HT bent sometimes double up on Emotiva amplifiers, and get the XPA-2 and XPA-5 combination if they want serious power to their mains. Still a bargain at $1600 for the two IMO.
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Wildwest (authorized dealer) has an open box MM8003.

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Parasound Halo A51 if you can find one pre-owned.
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Anthem pv-7 or Adcom 7607, both running 125 x 7 watts.
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For HT the Sherwood Newcastle A-965 is a terrific value that typically sells for about $1k (msrp $1.5K). Check out David Rich's technical review:

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