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Installing LCD in a Gym (Hi-Impact) Area. Need Help!

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Hey people! How's it going...

I'm trying to figure out how to safely and reliably install an LCD screen (preferably higher than 42") in our church Gym, in a way that it will be visible, but protected from say, basketballs and tennis balls and hockey sticks, etc... Of course, security is an issue too, as it's a fairly public area (locked within a locked building, but during events the gym is always accessible to both the church and the public from time to time, as the park district uses our facility occasionally too).

Any recommendations from other hi-impact area installs? Recommended equipment for cases or ways of installing in this type of environment?

One thing we're thinking about is (if we have enough depth in the wall to do so), install almost flush with the wall, then simply cover with a locking steel plate on a hinge.

Point is, I want to avoid "the prison look" as much as possible, yet still be as secure as reasonably possible.

Also, advice on how to "cushion" within the case or wall would be great. I obviously don't want to insulate the thing, so it's going to overheat, but I want to make sure it's fairly snug/soft so if a ball takes a particularly hard hit to the case or wall, it's not going to rattle the thing around too much.

Thanks for your time and thought/input. Thanks!
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Thanks man, that looks really cool, but even tempered glass probably couldn't take a football hitting it dead on... This is my dilemma... it's gotta be functional/viewable, but if it's staying in a case, it's gotta be tough.

I'm surprised I can't find more applications for this sort of thing. Then again, perhaps with the price of these TVs dropping regularly, perhaps most solutions cost more or around the same as replacing the TV.
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Wow...4k for the outdoor mount.
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I think you're on the right track. Recess it into the wall then buy a 1" or thicker piece of impact resistant plexiglass and place it flush with the wall over the TV set. You can also drill holes in the plexi-glass to provide for ventilation. You'll likely need to move/remove studs in the wall to do that which would require you to hire a contractor or at the least a very skilled carpenter.

The alternative would be to build a plexiglass enclosure around it and mount the whole thing on the wall. Plexi is pretty tough stuff, especially when you get into the higher 1"+ thicknesses. They use 4-6" plexi in a lot of aquariums, if it's enough to hold back a few thousand gallons of water it should absorb a football impact pretty well. As for the mount, mount the TV to the wall with a standard wall mount and then mount the plexi to the wall with some other type of mounting system. Impacts to the glass or surrounding wall shouldn't really have much effect on the TV if it's on a mount.
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