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Well I went to Circuit City today and relooked at the 2 TV's I was interested in and Decided on the Panny 50pz800U over the Samsung LN46A650 LCD. I worked this dude so hard and i think I got a pretty damn good deal on the TV. (dunno if i am allowed to post what price I got the TV for according to forum rules if I can let me know i'll post it) plus i got 36 month interest free financing! Can't beat that!

They jipped me on the mount i believe. They sold me a Verge 42-60" tilt wall mount. Now I have gone online and seen other 42-60 42-70 and 37-60 wall mounts that look similar to the one they sold me that has the same if not more weight capacity but for a MUCH lower price. On Ebay i've seen ones with similar specs and free HDMI cable also. So i think i might take that Verge mount back and get one online. Can anyone recommend a sturdy tilt wall mount that would fit the panny that is well priced? Don't need extending or swivel just need tilt and i'm good.