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Kodak: Brighter IS better!  

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The Kodak website has an excellent guide to screen brightness for movie theatres. Many of the same principles apply to home theatres so I think this makes for good reading.

Pytlak's Practical Projection Pointers

The print projected at 22 fL had greater tonal range, sparkling highlights, more detail in the shadows, livelier and more natural flesh tones, brighter colors, and appeared sharper. There was slightly more shutter flicker in the very bright scenes, and underexposed scenes had lighter blacks. But almost all audience members preferred the brighter projector. In their minds, "brighter IS better."
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Not to drag this OT with the first reply :), but I always wonder, when I read articles like this, if there isn't some list of the better theatres PQ wise.

As far as LA goes, I find the Hollywood Galaxy to generally have nice PQ. And they run a little trailer from Kodak anouncing their attention to presenting a proper picture. Sadly, the seating is horrible.
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