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I bought a 1993 Gottlieb Gladiators pin ball machine and cannot get it to reggister credits, any suggestions?
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Okay - you now have a Premiere pin game from 93 but you don't mention if this is your first pin game or how much experience you have with electronic games.

My son has a Freddy Nightmare on Elm Street which has same System 3 MPU and the two games are very similar.

Do you have the owner's manual? Having the complete manual is very important. I learned that Premiere actually built some nice features into the Sys 3 games and the wiring diagrams and schematics are relatively easy to follow. There are places online where you can get a free download of a PDF copy of the owners manual.

I assume you are trying to use coin slots for credits - you need to be sure that ALL connectors are snugly plugged in at the coin door and on all of the circuit boards in the head - sometimes moving a game can cause connectors to come partially detached.

When you turn the game on does it go through the entire start-up sequence and then show it is ready for play?

I see that this game has a multi-ball feature so you need to make sure you have proper number of balls in the playfield and that they are all being recognized by the MPU. Sometimes when moving a game a ball can get stuck somewhere on the playfield and if the MPU doesn't sense right number of balls it will not allow a complete power up and not accept coins for credits.

If so and if you have the owner's manual you need to open the coin door and initiate the diagnostic/system test procedures plus go into the system menus and see if the game is set for free play or coin credit or what.

I was amazed at how many fuses Premiere put into games from those years - many more than most Williams and Ballys from same years and the diagnostics will show you if you have a fuse or coil failure.

Post back and depending on your level of experience (heck, you may know a lot more than I do) I can maybe help or refer you to a couple of good web forums where you can get answers to your questions.
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