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Universal Remote - Phillips 3576H/37, Dish satellite, old Magnavox TV?

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I (finally!) got my DVDR3576h/37 working with Dish satellite and local channels on regular digital channels. Lucked out and got a good person at their tech support!

Correction -THOUGHT I had it working. Didn't record the season opener of Battlestar Gallactica - grrrrrrrrrrrrrr even though I followed the notes exactly and did a trial run-through in advance. Really starting to hate this thing.

My question is whether there is an inexpensive universal remote that will replace the Phillips and Dish remotes for everyday activities, and also support all setup options for my old Magnavox TV.

Right now I use the Phillips for changing channels and recording, but have to use the Dish for volume. I access setup (to change to aux channel after turning TV on) on old TV by using the buttons on the front of the TV itself because someone lost the original remote and it's no longer available. Quite a hassle.
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A UEI remote (OneForAll, Radio Shack, etc.) is the best bang for you buck, as you can add advanced codes for nearly every function. You can't do that with other cheap universals. However, many seem to like the philips and URC remotes as well. Any learning remote should be able to do what you want, as most have old magnavox codes. UEI remotes also have the advantage of being programmable from your computer if get an interface cable. The Remotes link in my sig has a complete list of UEI remotes.
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Thanks for the reply. UEI remote looks like a brand with lots of models. I looked at your spreadsheet and it's a huge list with lots of models. Way beyond overload here already, and no clue what most of that means. I'm sure it's very helpful to those who understand it, though. It must have taken a lot of time to put that together!

I've tried many universal remotes over the last 10 years - including a couple of OneForAlls - and none have enabled accessing the setup on this old Magnavox. Simply running the TV is not the issue - it MUST enable access to the setup functions that were possible with the original remote (no longer available - I've searched many times over the years).

Can anyone using the Phillips dvdr3576 with Dish satellite recommend a *specific* inexpensive remote that definitely works well as replacements for the separate remotes? Something ***simple*** to use. Please give a specific model # and I will look up whether it supports my old TV.

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Sorry about that. The ones I had in mind are the radio shack 15-100, 133, 134 or 135 - take your pick. Post the model number of your tv and I can likely tell you the setup code to use with these as well as the advanced codes for ALL the functions you need. Better yet, list the missing tv functions you need. These advanced codes aren't in the OneForAlls out of the box, as you have discovered, but can be easily added. They aren't in the manual either.

The key here is finding a remote that works everything on your tv since that's the only device that's missing the original remote. The philips and dish codes can be learned if necessary. As I said before, the remotes above are the only inexpensive remotes that have the ability to add your missing functions without learning from the original remote. Inexpensive AND simple is a tall order. The cheap ones are usually a little complicated to program, but you only have to do it once. My idea of inexpensive is under $30. If your idea of inexpensive is under $75, I'd recommend a harmony 510, but there are no guarantees it would do everything you need on the tv.

If you want to see what universal other's are using with the philips, I recall several posts about that in the 3575/3576 sticky.
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Thanks! Will look at details on those Radio Shack remotes...

TV model is Magnavox RS 4480-CH03. If you can find any codes that will enable use of the setup features (not just on/off/channels, etc) then I'll be shocked. Spent another 20 minutes on phone with Magnavox again today and even they can't find any. I've tried many times and found nothing online or by phone.
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If you have a OneForAll or get a radio shack and can tell me a code that at least works power/vol/ch, I can probably get closer. Here are a few magnavox advanced code lists you can try. I'd say setup code 10054 (or 0054 in older remotes) would be the most likely candidate. To test a code to see if it works on the radio shack remotes, first find a partially working setup code, then do a short press of setup followed by one of the codes in the lists. The radio shack takes 5 digit codes, but the ones in the list are only 3 digit, so add 00 to the front of each. For example, to try the code for Menu, which is 146, press setup then 0 0 1 4 6, and the remote will send the Menu command. Once you find some working codes, see Assign Advanced Code in the How To link in my sig to assign them to buttons.

10047, 10051, 10054, 10250, 10171, 10000, 10180, 10019
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