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Troubleshoot "DVI Repeater"

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I am running a Sony Bravia XBR4 thru an Onkyo TX SR705 receiver, & have started getting this sign across the tv screen, " found a DVI repeater". It only comes on when we view the tv with the Onkyo, not when viewing the tv stand alone. We have not moved or altered any cabling & have had this setup since first installed six months ago without incident, we have changed NOTHING. I am wondering if someone in our household has hit a button on one of the various remotes. The only way to get rid of this signage is to change the channel back and forth or to turn off the Onkyo receiver and watch the tv without it . It only appears while watching the satellite, NOT dvd's.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Seems like the Sony found something with the Onkyo - did you try the receiver on another TV HDMI input?
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Thanks Biker;
Will give it a try.
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I'm getting this too all of a sudden. I have an Onkyo 905 and using it with a Benq W5000. I thought it was that satellite receiver doing it but my satellite company says that that message didn't come from them and that it could be the projector but I don't see anything in their menu. It only appears when watching satellite not from my HTPC which is fine.

I have my HTPC connected to HDMI1 and the satellite on HDMI3. I tried hooking the satellite up using component direct from the sat box and the message is still there so that now eliminates the receiver form the mix.
Any ideas, anyone!
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When I hook up the Shaw receiver DVI to HDMI on the ONKYO amp. TX-SR313 I get

Found a DVI repeater
Then I hook the HDMI directly to the TV and the warning is still there, Then I reboot my
my Shaw Direct DSR 505 and warning is gone. must be an issue with the HDMI racks
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