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KBK - Screengoo question  

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I posted this in an earlier thread and also dropped an email. You may have replied, but my email address is changing and I never received a reply.

I currently use a DaLite Audio Vision screen with Perfs. The material is vinyl (I Think). Will screengoo paint work on my current screen without plugging up the holes and will it stick?

The published gain for the DaLite material is less than 1.0. I want to add gain to my current set-up - purhaps 2.0.

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I hope they are. I've emailed and posted since the 19th and nothing yet.

I thought the product sounded interesting and would like to know if I can use it to improve my current set-up!!

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I would be extremely surprised if you could paint a perforated screen without adversely affecting its acoustical performance. The holes are very small and would almost surely be filled in by painting.
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The holes in the AudioVision Screen are large in comparison to Stewart's microperf. I was thinking that if the mixture was thin enough, it might work. Was hoping that KBK could shed some light.
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I've no idea whether or not the perfs would be filled in. It's impossibleto say, unless it is attempted. I am sure it could be done.. but how well will it turn out? Who knows? Giv'er a shot. Then you will know.
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Either I can send you a sample to test or you can send me a sample to test.

Are you up for it?? Please let me know.

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f you wish me to re-phrase the answer.. i would say with quite some assertiveness that it can be done. The final result would be again of about 1.4 or so, I suspect. Getting a gain that is higher requires getting the paint to sit much more flatly..and the thinning procedure does make the paint 'speckle' onto the surface, so multiple thin coats would be required. Some of the holes might get filled in. Experimentation will be the minimal requirement.

The experimentation is not something I should be doing. That's for you to try out.
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I do want to test it but can't do so on the full screen. My fear is I could ruin a whole screen then have to buy a new one. I have a test sample about 2' x 2' that I could use to test. Can I get a sample of the product to try on that small space? I will pay for shipping etc. Please contact me at through private message with instruction on how to order a sample. I will post my result for your benefit.

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Sorry about that double post there. I was not trying to be rude. i was merely showing someone the post..at my place, and had no idea that the post was doubled.

We are not sure, at this time, exactly how to get into the idea of samples, or how to approach samples. this has not really been discussed at any length between us yet. If we get into the idea of samples, we might end up sending everyone and hs mother free samples..and we are not set up for that sort of thing. It would be a time draining exercise at best,at this point. Let me sit on this one for a few days,and get back to you. Once that 'sample' doorway is opened.. lots of samples would be happening.

We would have to be ready for that. it's an expensive enterprise on the best of days. And this is not a product that is set up to be a high margin item.. so the sample factor is not really built into the formula. we will probably end up offering such, but not quite yet.. as I said, give me a few days. I am sure it will be good for sales. Just give me the opportunity to talk it over with the guys. There would also be one sample size, and one sample size only.
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Has anyone to your knowledge tried using your product on the Plastex polywall surface? If so do you know if they have had any success? I am interested in this DIY screen but would like to paint it gray.

This is the link to the product I am talking http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...threadid=93780

Thanks for all of your help

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Don't lose sight of the fact that samples don't have to be free. I imagine offering free samples might have a severe negative impact on your finances. You'd have to think about packaging too, I'm sure that's not free either.

So you may want to give some thought of what you'd sell a 1-2 ounce sample for.

It's a bit easier for a company already doing a significant business on screen fabric to cut some sample pieces.

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The most hilarious part of this whole thing.. is I am taking a very premium product, and selling it cheap. And, I am selling to the toughest crowd on this forum!

If it can pass this test (and it does!).... I don't think there is much that can beat the product after that.
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