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Plastic tamper clip on Motorola DCH-3416

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I upgraded the hard drive on my Motorola DCH 3416 over the weekend and was not able to open the unit without breaking the little black plastic anti-tamper clip. I have no need to return the unit to Comcast, but I am worried that they might fine/charge me if I ever have to bring the unit back in for service.

Does anywhere know where I can get these black plastic tamper evident clips??

Anyone in the forum work for Comcast - do I have anything to worry about, do they even care at the service centers??

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How badly did you break it?

When I broke mine, it was just one of the "wings" on the back of the tab - I just used epoxy to fix it.

I haven't re-inserted it though... I'll only do that if I need to bring it for service!
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Unfortunately it broke really bad... Literally exploded, I can't even find one of the wings. There must be a company that makes that part, I just haven't been able to find it via google - searching for tamper evident clips, etc... hopefully someone will have an idea. There's always that chance that the service center won't give a darn.
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The tamper clip isn't something you are going to be able to buy here in the states. That would defeat the purpose.

Don't be surprised if you see a $380 to $480 charge on your account when you cancel Comcast service. You may get lucky and avoid that fee, but others have been hit with it.

Had you asked first, we would have told you that all Motorola DVRs are "hard coded" in firmware to use the capacity of the SKU. They can't be upgraded or expanded. For increased capacity, you have to buy your own CableCard DVR like the TivoHD or Moxi.
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mgoetze, sorry to reply so late - but the item that you are looking for that will go into your motorola dch-3416 dvr or any motorola dvr is called a Plastic Anti-Tamper Tab Plug Seal Lock. you can get them at newelectronx located at www dot newelectronx dot com

let see if i can place the link here for you....

www dot newelectronx dot com/proddetail.php?prod=SPLUG
Motorola DCH 3416 little black plastic anti-tamper clip

ps i found it necessary to bump this old post because i could find the answer myself and thought that others might be suffering from the same issue. hope this helps someone especially mgoetze.
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Considering his last post was six months ago, I don't think he'll remember to log on again.
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Good for anyone else who has the same problem, though...
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Dont worry about it. I refurbish these boxes for TW and there are many going to the feild without those clips.
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eek.gif idk about that one. all the ppl i know who have tried to take the cable box back to timewarner, comcast, shaw, rogers, etc without it have been fined if the tamper seal is broken or at least looked to be tampered with. and with TW and comcast losing money on band width from their video customers hacking and such - it is enforced. at least in the areas i have been around. if they don't do it on the areas that you supply your refurbs in, then good for those ppl. but as a rule of thumb, return it how you got it and no problem will befall you. haha
a little birdy told me that if you use this discount code you can get money off the black plastic tamper evident clips - there is a known discount code floating around - type newelectronx-avsforum when you decide to make your buy biggrin.gif
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