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Thanks a bunch for this tool!

Having the HCFR bars definitely helps. Much easier to pull things in with the visual bars.
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Originally Posted by TomHuffman View Post

The problem with this is that different dE formulas yield different--often substantially different--results in this regard. Greg uses CIELUV exclusively, which I have much less faith in.

Indeed, this shows just what I have been talking about for some time. Take this oversaturated, but otherwise accurate, green: x0.296, y0.676, Y0.7152 and run the solver for both CIELUV and CIE94 (assume Rec. 709). You get radically different recommendations.
CIE94: 0.687 (Actually, a range of values between 0.674-0.701 all yield the same result. 0.687 is a median value)
CIELUV: 0.532 (a range of 0.518-0.546)

For a variety of reasons, I think that CIE94 gets the correct result.

BTW, I don't see how you are getting you %C and %H error values. The oversaturated green I defined above has perfect hue, yet your spreadsheet gives it a percentage error of %39.3.

Originally Posted by stereomandan View Post

I included some HCFR specific % bar values for 100% and 75% saturation points in the calibration aid tab.

I explain it in the "Special Hint" section of Post #1 in my Epson calibration thread.



Dan, did you ever address the question Tom raised? (See bold text in his post above.)
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Does anyone know how to access gray scale settings for a Sharp Aquos LC-26GA5U? It seems impossible to find the service menu code for this set. It has a C.M.S menu, but I don't see RGBhighend, RBGlowend, gains, drives, or bias.
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