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Help Please, thinking LCD upgrade?

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I've been a Samsung DLP owner for 5 years and for christmas we bought a Samsung 32" LCD (450 Series) and well I love the picture so much I'm contemplating replacing my 46" DLP for a LCD. When buying a DLP I mainly stayed away from LCD because of the dead pixel issue, is that still a problem?
I have narrowed my choices to the Samsung LN-46A550LN or 46A650. I watched a LN-46A650 with the 120Hz demo on and couldn't see a difference, is there one?? I've also read where others with it can't find a difference where others say it's a bad thing with certain programming, one sales person said if I go Blue Ray 120Hz is a must, another said Blue Ray movies in 120Hz can look strange especially camera pans and such.. Also I noticed there is a Low, Med and High setting, does that mean 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz?? Is having 120Hz really worth the extra couple hundred dollars?? Please any other input on these issues would be greatly appreciated!!
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Wow thanks for the help, I can tell I'm not in the DLP discussion forum.. Those guys were friendly and helpful.
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The problem I've seen with the LCD forum is that there's a lot of traffic in the evenings, so threads tend to get bumped down the list fairly quickly if they're not one of the massive owner's threads...

As for dead pixels, you have to remember that at 1080p, you're not going to be able to see a single dead/stuck pixel from a normal viewing distance (say 8 ft away for a 52"). For example, my 46" A550 has a stuck subpixel, and I can't see it unless I'm within a foot of the screen. But anyway, it's possible to get a screen without dead pixels, but you may have to swap a few times... if you don't mind a single stuck pixel or 2, then the first one you get will probably be OK.

Coming from DLP, there are some other LCD imperfections that might annoy you, like clouding (where a black screen isn't uniformly black) and flashlighting (where the corners of the picture may be brighter)... there's also the issue of viewing angle, but if you have a DLP, it's probably not that great either. Most TVs aren't perfectly uniform, but many of them aren't visible enough to be distracting during normal viewing. If you read either the owner's threads for the 550 or 650, you'll see people complaining.

One common misconception is the relationship between 120Hz and motion interpolation algorithms -- you can have one without the other, and the motion interpolation (AMP for Samsung) is what smooths motion and can sometimes make movies look weird. The panel is always running at 120Hz.

The adjustment for AMP just controls the aggressiveness of the algorithm when making up frames, I guess, it doesn't do anything to the refresh rate.

Even if you don't like the effect of AMP, having a 120Hz refresh rate does allow you to have somewhat smoother blu-ray playback -- most movies use are filmed at 24 fps, which isn't evenly divisible into 60, but is into 120. Whether you'll notice or not depends on the person... I have the 550, and I can really only notice on scenes with long pans or during scrolling credits.

So is it worth it... depends on if you care that much about it. I personally would rather have a bigger screen than 120Hz, but lots of people disagree with me on that saying 120Hz is more future proof, it's cooler, more high-end, etc...
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Thank you for the reply and insight. The kind of information I was hoping to get!!
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Yeah I'm actually in the same boat. I've had a Samsung HLP-4674 for over 4 years and made the jump into LCD back in November. I got the LN40A500 and was not impressed at all. All kinds of uniformity issues and bad flashlighting, washed out colors and horrible viewing angles. That's when I learned about the Samsung panel codes (A,C,S) though it seems now you can't really justify quality based on the panel code alone, though it appears S is the best, while A,C are lower quality. I myself got a C panel. I sent the TV back and so far I've just been using my DLP, but I've been researching a lot about LCDs this time around, and after finally going over to Best Buy and Costsco the other night, I saw all the sets I have been looking at, and here's my take....

I had narrowed it down to the Samsung's (550, 630, 750) Sharp LC46D65U, and Vizio 470XVT.

The Vizio and Sharp were both $999 and the 550 was only $100 more, but then I started reading about the whole 120Hz and Blu-ray and they have to go together, so I threw the 630 in which was $250 more than the first 2 sets. I was then recommended to spend the extra $$$ to go from the 630 to the 750 for only $100 more than the 630, so all of a sudden I went from $999 to $1450.

I used to work at Best Buy, so when I was there my friends let me tweak the tv settings to my hearts content, so i set all 3 Samsungs to the exact same settings, and luckily they were all right next to each other. The 750 did look a little better than the others, but not by much, the colors were a little more rich and blacks were darker, but it certainly didn't blow the other 2 sets out of the water, like I thought it would. So then I compared the 120Hz to the 60Hz, I could see a little difference, but again, it wasn't anything drastic as I thought it was going to be, so I decided the 550 would be the set I would go with.

Next I headed over to the Sharp, and compared that with the Samsung. The picture seemed sharper on the Samsung, and the colors more vivid, so the Sharp was out.

Then I drove over to Costco and checked out the Vizio. There was no Samsung TV to compare it to there though they did have Sharps, Sonys, and Toshibas, and the Vizio looked terrible compared to the other sets.

So my decision is to go with the LN46A550, I just have to sell my DLP first before I can get my new TV, though I'm debating whether I should wait, since the price on the 550 is the lowest I've ever seen right now.

Hope that helps in your decision.

**This is interesting, I just checked Amazon, and the list price of the 550 just dropped $100, it was listed at $1599 and they were selling it for $1099, now the list price is $1499, and they are still selling it for $1097, makes me wonder if they're gonna drop it down to $999 or even lower....might have to wait this one out**
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Using Pricegrabber I see them down to about $1200, with a special offer at one fairly reputable store going down to $1100.

As with everything, you have to make sure you are getting what you want from this and the company you buy from. A few hundred now can make up for a lot of headaches later.....
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spdj seems you've gone the same route as me, I presently have a HLT4675SX in our living room, we bought a 32" 450 series for our bedroom which has given me the bug to replace my HLT4675SX. Fortunately I'm pretty sure my DLP has a buyer but I'm not rushing since like you I've noticed the prices dropping on the LCD. After checking out all the LCDs in BB and Sears was almost decided on the 46" 550 series, But then came the A,C S panel issue which I've read doesn't exist in the 600 series(every panel from the 600 and up are suppose to be S panels). I did sit and watch the 120Hz demo for quite some time really couldn't see a difference, but it was all with the Stores feeds, no blu ray or action sports. No matter I really thought the LN46A650 had the absolute best picture for my needs and price range(actually it's abit higher then I wanted to spend BUT figured do it once and enjoy). THEN came the Glossy Screen issue which I never noticed in the stores since there were no windows any where near the sets, my set is facing the west/south exposure so that is going to be an issue, even with my present HLT the screen is matted but the bezel is that Piano Black finish and I can tell reflections will be a issue if the screen is high gloss. So now I have to go back and check out the LN46A630, supposidly it's the exact same as the LN46A650 except one less HDMI connection and matte screen instead of Gloss.. Not sure if you have a Sears near you but they are having a big sale now and offering 10% off if you have a Sears charge card, I do not but will if I end up buying it there lol.. Good luck in your hunt..
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Not to discourage you, but the 630 has the panel lottery as well (see the 630 owners' thread). I still think the 630 is a good set, but if the only reason you're buying it is to escape the panel lottery, you should rethink the 550 . If you're buying it for the 120Hz, then by all means get it .
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It was for both reasons,
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