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Speaker upgrade / Klipsch deal

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I am looking to upgrade my current speaker system. I currently have Bose (yes another sucker for brand names but I've learnt my lesson now). My room is very large (20x20 with vaulted ceilings) with one end opening into the kitchen and one side also partly open. It is by no means an ideal room but it is what I have.

I have been researching speakers lately. Yesterday, the guy at J&R offered me a deal of RF-82 (front) + RC-62 (center) + RS-52 (surround) + subwoofer (I forget which one but it was a 10") all for $1950 (including taxes). It seems like quite a good deal given some of the prices I've seen. I may opt for a different subwoofer (probably SVS) but wanted to get thoughts from this forum on this deal and fit for my room.

My budget for 5.1 is around $2500
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I'm another Bose sucker too. Marketing can be evil (or I'm just super gullible) Upgraded to the smaller, less expensive, Klipsch Cinema 10 Home Theater System and it blows my Bose Acoustimass 10 speaker system away by far. I have a smaller A/V room than you (12x14) with a high wood ceiling. With the Klipsch speakers in place the room feels "full" of sound. The speakers melt away in Surround mode. I love my new Klipsch system. Bought it from sounddistributors.com
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Thanks for the response. I have not tried sounddistributors but will check them out. Given its a large room I'm trying to determine if these speakers will suffice
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Go out and listen to speakers. Going from Bose to Klipsch is a huge change sonically. Klipsch are VERY bright speakers (Tire out your ears quickly) and Bose is the opposite. If I was going to spend that kind of cash I would listen to Definitive Technology, Monitor Audio, Mirage, Paradigm, what ever else specialty stores have by you, and look at some internet direct companies also.

Bring your favorite music/ movies and know the material and what you want it to sound like. I would be surprised if you still went with the Klipsch after demoing some other brands. You may love bright speakers, but you should at least find out first.

Good luck on your search.
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I was there a few weeks ago. They have those speakers in the demo room. It was connected to a Sony receiver. Turn up the volume and see how it sounds and they were "bright." Like ear piercing. You should also consider getting at least a 12" sub woofer. The SVS will do.
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