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Samsung HCN653W not turning on.

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I have an HCN653w Samsung rear projection TV that is not turning on. The house power turned off twice while the TV was being watched and then the TV did not turn on. When I push the TV on button, the TV attempts to turn on for about 5 seconds. I hear some clicking of some switches and a little bit of sound with no video just before it turns itself off again. It repeats the same sequence over and over again until I turn the TV off. The TV is 5 years old and has no warrenty. I have the service manual for an HCN653WX which includes the schematics. I am not sure what the X is for but the schematics seem to follow the HCN653W. So far, I have replaced both convergence chips and the vertical output IC and it is still doing the same thing. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to do next?
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Do you hear/feel the high voltage come on? If not then suggest deflection board ($150)
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I am fixing this same model of Samsung HCN653W TV as well. I have the service manual and have started digging into it...not much success yet. My failure mode is similar, too - the TV will power up (play it's power-up jingle) then the screen comes up with static for about 3s and then it powers off. I can even see Antenna 2 in the upper left-hand corner of the screen during those few moments.

Anyway - BTDT advice on this one is appreciated. I've had success repairing other TVs of mine, just looking for a little advice with this one. I have the tools I need (oscilloscope, multimeter, soldering iron, etc.). Hopefully the tips and work we do here will lead to a solution that we all can use.
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A little more detail...I noticed that just before the unit switches off (after the screen has been up 2 or 3s), that the ANTENNA 2 starts drifting towards the right - to the middle of the screen...then the TV shuts down. Maybe that helps identify the issue better...
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One another question.
I have the same Samsung 65" HCN653WX TV and am experiencing the same wavy, vertical lines. They are more noticeable on dark, solid pictures and less noticeable on bright or mottled images. They make the picture quite fuzzy. I would love to know if there is an easy fix to this.
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I would love to know if anyone has any answer to the above question! I am experiencing the same thing on my HCN-653W TV.
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