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converter boxes

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I am planning on ordering two digital converter boxes and wanted to know which boxes (if any) perform well to receive any of the weaker signals in my area.

I went to tvfool.com and there are quite a few channels I would like to get but is highlighted in gray and is within 82 - 109 miles of my location. Is there a possibility that any CECB receivers can pull in these weal signals with the right antenna or am I out of luck with these channels?

I've narrowed it down to Zenith, Channel master, and DTVPal/Plus. Are these 3 good for picking up those signals or are there others that are better?
Any help will be appreciated.
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1: When creating a thread- USE A DESCRIPTIVE THREAD TITLE...

It helps others later on (with the same problem /concerns) and increases the responses to your problem.

" Converter boxes" gives little cue to what your concerns are.

2: Here's a thread about which box is best for fringe areas that may help:

Help!! What box to choose for fringe???????

PS: You may want to check out the threads on what kind of antenna setup you will need...

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