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January 27th - 1080p Projector Options

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Today's Show:
We get asked via email to spend more time talking about front projection setups. While the idea is something we're big fans of, and often drool over, neither of us have a front projector, and to be perfectly honest, neither does the vast majority of our audience. But that doesn't diminish the fact that a 110" screen comes a lot closer to being a true "theater in your home" than even a massive 65" TV does. But 65" is great, don't get us wrong. We drool over those, too. more...

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Being new to a 106" screen I wasn't even sure if i would like the picture quality. I had seen one or two older projectors and wasn't really impressed. Now we are talking a significant change with 1080i or p. Looking back at a friends 55" lcd tv in a similar set up I'm very very happy I went with a front projector!
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I agree. I love my front projection. Like Tom Cruise said in Risky Business, "There is no Substitute!".
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I gotta say that a few years back when I bought my 51" HD720p CRT RPTV, I was ecstatic over the size and picture quality. Matter of fact I still am. But still something just didnt seem right. It didnt feel like a true theatre experiance. That all changed 1.5 years ago when the prices of 720p projectors dropped. I quickly did some overtime and researched everything I could. I decided to order the Sanyo Z5 for $1100 and managed to get a 100" screen from BB for $120 ( they had several sitting in the back for over a year collecting dust. I think It was regularly $280.) That weekend I set everything up and my jaw hit the floor. Now THIS felt like a REAL HT !!!!
It seems these days that everyone and their dog has a minimum 42" HDTV and a cheap HTIB setup in their living room. But when people come to my house for movie night it FEELS like a real movie night.
I only have 750hrs on my bulb right now and try to clean the filters every 100 hours or so to extend that bulb life. Every time I'm tempted to buy a new Plasma to replace my RPTV I think of my real joy in the ManCave and how much more joy I get out of watching her. My next upgrade instead of buying a 51 plasma will be to buy a 1080p projector, and a couple spare bulbs.

Currently I have upgraded from 5.1 to 7.1 and am looking to upgrade my speakers to a higher end. That way my older system can be brought up to the living room and the higher end stuff will remain in the HT room.
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a bigger room is all I need!
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Do you all use your front projection TV as you primary TV, or just for special occasions?
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I've read some threads, but would love to know more currently how front projection TV's stand up to flatscreen plasmas and LCDs. I know the technology and pricing is improving every day, but I'm still a newbie to this.

I do research for a living, so the geek that I am I put together ten questions in a survey form so I can look at your rankings of brands. I'll post the results here after I get some responses. This is not SPAM, I promise!

Please take a quick minute:
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My plan was to have a dedicated Home Theater primarily for watching movies. I find myself surfing channels like I would with a regular TV. Everything looks so good so much better than i anticipated. I recommand a front projector to anyone. No one i know owns one.
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