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I have a Motorola DCH3416 PVR from Comcast and while it works 90% of the time, some recordings will play back as a solid green screen with normal audio. When I stop playback, the recorded video will appear for a second before the PVR goes back to live TV, so I know it's recording the video -- it just won't play it back. I record on a lot of channels but when this happens it's always a show on Comedy Central (go figure). I thought this would be a common problem but I can't find any information anywhere.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get around this (if at all)? Contacting Clowncast on any level is really not a viable option, and this has actually happened with two different boxes so I doubt it's this particular unit (I came home from work one day to find my first one quite literally blowing smoke, so needless to say I took that back and got this second one ).

It's connected to a Sharp Aquos with HDMI, btw.