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Games you have finished in the last 3 months

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The other thread interested me, but I am more interested in what games people finished.

I recently finished fallout 3 after 44 hours of play. Lots of fun.

I finished left4dead in 4 person co op mode. Lots of fun, but somewhat repetitive.

I've been playing madden09 and finished a season including the superbowl.

I'm not sure what game to jump into. I have many unfinished games...Gears2 (doing this in co op with a friend, plus horde mode), dark sector, uncharted, orange box, oblivion, mass effect, Shuan white (****** game because I can't figure out how to unlock races), turok (craptastic), etc. I want something that grabs me like bioshock and fallout 3 did. So what games have you finished and what was the best of them. I play on pc, 360, and ps3. No portables. I think I'm going to dive back into orange box. I had hl2 on pc but never finished it, so replaying it on 360 is weird.
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only Gears 2 (630/1000)
and Fable 2 (1000/1000)

other than that it was gears 2 online, a little halo 3 here and there and then cod:waw online. no time for anything else.
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Gears 2 and COD:WaW are the two I most recently finished. Finished LBP too, though not 100% of everything found.

I enjoyed Gears a lot, though it was very short. Probably going to play this one through again on co-op. Flew through it so I could get to all the other games I purchased at the same time.

I actually prefer short games sometimes because I find myself losing interest after a while (or a new game comes out). Xbox Live kills me sometime - I'm on CoD if any of my friends are playing.
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Probably only Gears 2 and Castle Crashers. I'm playing Rock Band 2 mostly, which just never ends.
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Quantum of Solace
Dash of Destruction-LOL
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Fable 2
Lego Indiana Jones
Can't remeber my GP either
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Fallout 3
Fable 2 (Yeah I forgot it...it was a forgettable game)
Gears of War II
Mercenaries 2 (played it after those other 3)
Vikings Battle for Asgard
My Center/Grinder won the Stanley cup with the Blue Jackets (no simmed games)
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Gears 2
Fable 2
Fallout 3
Force Unleashed
Left 4 Dead
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Texas Hold'em
Scene It
Vegas 2
Probably a few others I can't think of. Hope this helps.
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Gears 2, COD WAW, Fallout 3 (final quest completed, but i reloaded prior save and still playing).
Resistance2-FOM (sorry i cheated on you 360!)
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Gears of war, world at war, force unleased, quantum of solace, ninja gaiden 2,
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Half Life 2 on Orange Box
Fable 2
Gears 2

That's what I've played (and finished) in the last three months.

Next on the agenda is...
HL2 Episode 1 & 2
Dead Space
Fallout 3

If I really want to get adventurous...
Halo 2
Halo 3
Viva Pinata

All games I want to revisit and finish.
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gears 1
gears 2
halo 3
gta 4
fable 2

now im looking for 2 or 3 girls to finish horde online with
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Last 3 months? Gears 2 and the Skate 2 demo, I've finished that over and over and over... lol. I could essentially put Fallout 3 in the list b/c I only have a couple side quests to do before I do the final mission, should have that done in a week.
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Army of Two
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Gears 2
Oblivion, all the DLC too yay.
Did replays through both Crysis games and COD4 campaign.

Currently looking for my next game as I have no work for at least 3 more weeks.
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Fable 2
I haven't been playing anything very serious after fable 2 came out, Partly Fable's 2 fault since it so.... well not serious

I'm also on my way through the Halo's
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COD:WaW on Hardened (I have no idea how anyone beat this on Veteran, because there were times I literally wanted to snap the disc in half)

Dead Space on easy (loved the game at first, but after a normal playthrough fizzled out cause I lacked the ammo necessary to get through a certain part I realized how repetitive the game became on the second trudge through)

Far Cry 2 (loved it at first, then hated it, then loved it again before i traded it in)

Fallout 3 (as Artie Lange would say, 'we have, a WINNAR!)
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Mirror's Edge
Lego Batman
Lego Indiana Jones
Rainbow 6: Vegas 2
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I have decided to go thru some games that I got bored with and never finished. With hard times ahead, it makes more sense to do this than just buy the next hot game.

Recently finished Condemned 2 and am now working on F.E.A.R. I still have to get thru the last level of Viking, but am having trouble for some reason. Anyway, I highly recommend Condemned 2 if you have never played it. Especially, if you played the first one.
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GH:WT (Expert Guitar)
Lost Odyssey (900/1000)
Left 4 Dead (635/1000)
Gears of War 2 (on Hardcore... not playing MP, I just suck and it's frustrating to the point that I get no fun at all out of it... except for Horde!)
Assassin's Creed (took me a year to get around to it)

Working on : Orange Box

I've decided to try and beat a few of my older games as my backlog is getting ridiculous. Next game might be Bioshock, but I want to have a good sound system (speakers or headphones... not sure) before I play it.
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I had forgotten about deadspace. How is Quantum of Solace? Most games based on movies are terrible. I got viking cheap, so I might give that a try.
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