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MP3ME is a program for browsing and listening to your MP3 collection. Of course, there are lots of programs for doing this, but MP3ME has some unique features. Designed for listening to MP3's through your home entertainment system and HTPC, MP3 allows you to browse through your music collection with or without your television. Using speech synthesis, MP3ME can read your music titles and artists out loud so that you can browse without having your TV on!

MP3ME Features:
  • Browse music by Artist/Album, Genre, Playlist, or by Directories
  • Internal MP3 player that features cross-fading
  • Supports any external MP3 player that accepts M3U files
  • Enhanced integration with Winamp
  • Designed for use with a remote control (ala Pronto)
  • Big fonts for easy reading on a TV

Of course, you can't really appreciate it until you use it. Oh yeah, MP3ME is totally FREE!

Go to and try it out. Please post thoughts here and let me know what you think. MP3ME is not a full-screen player, but I'm thinking about making version 2 be that. However, with all the people announcing HTPC interfaces (including Microsoft), I'm not sure it's worth the work.