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Little Help from the experts about fading sound.

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Hello all,
Please forgive my ignorance as I am more of a video guy than an audio guy.
I just bought and hooked up a Yamaha RV-X3900 receiver. So far I love it, but am having a problem with "fading audio".
My speakers are rated for IMP 6ohms and I set the receiver to match.
When watching a movie/TV the receiver sounds great.

But when I play something like Rockband or Guitar Hero: World Tour and the cymbals are played for a long time and my daughter sings (high pitches) the sounds seems to fade out from some of the speakers.
With my old receiver (Onkyo 6 years old $300 job) that is was a built in safe guard.
But i figured after I got the 3900 that this problem would go away.
So my question is, is it the reciever? Is it the speakers? Is it that I have it set to 6ohms and not 8ohms? Or is it something entirely different.

Thanks very much!!!
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I would say it is the game or console, not the speakers or receiver.
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I don't think it is that, since my neighbor has an older Yamaha receiver with better speakers than mine (I think Polk) and nothing fades out on him ever (we play rockband all the time there and LOUD).
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Originally Posted by DingoAce10 View Post

(we play rockband all the time there and LOUD).

With your game and console?
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Are you wearing any sort of a "hearing aid"
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Yes with my game and console.

gurkey, LOL! no not yet.
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Just play at your neighbor's house from now on.

Seriously though, I can't think of a reason that the sound would "fade" out. If some sort of protection kicked in you'd lose all sound. Is the Yammie getting extremely warm?

If this was happening with another receiver, my bet is on the game console.

Or if you play very loud, maybe you just think the sound is fading out and it's really your ears. With better, less fatiging speakers it wouldn't be as noticable.
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I am not sure what fades out means but I experienced something similar with a low-end yamaha receiver at a friend's house. The sound kept fading in and out. After inspecting the receiver I found that there was a "game" setting on the receiver which when engaged seems to cause this problem.
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Not sure what "low end" meanings...I know there are receivers out there that cost thousand and thousand...Not sure what the RX-V3900 would be considered in this forum.

It might be a setting somewhere that is turn on that I don't know about. Just set it up last week and only went through the Quick Start setup.
I was looking at the manual just now...would any of these options effect the sound in this way:

Low-Frequency Effect Level: This feature adjusts the output level of the LFE channel according to the capacity of your subwoofer or headphones. You can select between -20 and 0dB.

Dynamic Range: This feature allows you to select the amount of dynamic range compression to be applied to your speakers or headphones. You can select between Minimum, Standard or Maximum.

Volume Trim: Use this feature to adjust the level of the signal input at each jack. This is useful if you want to balance the level of each input source to avoid sudden changes in volume when switching between input sources.

Max Volume Adjustment: Use this feature to set the maximum volume level in the main zone. This feature is useful to avoid unexpected loud sound by mistake. You can set the Max Volume between -30.0 dB and +15.0 dB. The actual full volume range is -80 dB to 16.5 dB. Zones 2 and 3 also have individual maximum volume settings.

Thanks very much!!!
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