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Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

Good times! cool.gif
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lol @ Jill fearing the cockroaches

lol @ the Roman Maze. They didn't look like comfortable hits.
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Wtf was that first contestant!? :Horrified:
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The meatheads got smoked by the brainiacs. No shocker there.

The fact that the single muscleman that made it through couldn't even count to 4 was hilarious. biggrin.gif
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Am I mistaken, or this show losing its hilarity value?
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Originally Posted by humdinger70 View Post

Am I mistaken, or this show losing its hilarity value?

Sort of. I think they hit a sour note with me when they made it so that every obstacle doesn't give anyone a chance in Hell of making it through unscathed. Also, the beginning course is incredibly similar. After this long, it's got to be difficult to make up new courses, but I'd love for them to bring back the parts that bounced people up and down or something similar, rather than simply having a spring-loaded arm that slaps people.
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Happy to see the carny win. He was hilarious and incredibly light on his feet.
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I only caught the Wipeout Zone last night, but damn Jill was looking bustier than ever.
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Jill looked better than any of those "beauties."
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Originally Posted by spyder696969 View Post

Jill looked better than any of those "beauties."

Agreed. If those were the pageant winners, I'd hate to see the losers. eek.gif
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Gawd I love face plants or getting hit up side the head. lol




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LMFAO! Just started Wipeout, Blind Date edition @#$%ING HILARIOUS! They need a second show just on Blind Dates. LOL
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ABC Picks Up ‘Wipeout’ For Seventh Season
By The Deadline.com - Jan. 22, 2014

The new season will feature the franchise’s first “tournament of champions” event. Each episode will showcase 24 contestants competing in the world’s largest extreme obstacle course, but for the first time, winners will be brought together at the end of the season to compete for the title of Ultimate Wipeout Champion.

When ABC announced, in August of ’12, it was bringing back the competition series for a sixth season, including its 100th episode, Jill Wagner returned as co-host (Vanessa Minnillo replaced her in Season 5), and new obstacles and completely redesigned Wipeout Zones were added. A seventh season will continue to feature special themed episodes, including a chance to win a date with Wagner, as well as the return of popular themes such as “Boss & Employee.” “We are always looking for ways to keep the show fresh and exciting. This year, we are amping up the competition with a season long tournament of champions,” said Matt Kunitz, creator and executive producer.

While not as strong in the ratings as it was early in its run, Wipeout is still one of the few broadcast shows that pops a number during the summer and its family co-viewing numbers are good. Last summer, airing Thursdays at 8 PM, Wipeout was the No. 1 summer show for family co-viewing (adults 18-49 watching with teens and/or kids) on the major broadcast nets — 22% of its adult 18-49 audience watched with teens or kids. During its summer run, Wipeout beat its broadcast rivals in the Thursday hour to rank No. 1 with Kids 2-11.

Wipeout executive producers are creator Kunitz and Scott Larsen. Endemol USA produces. Wipeout is hosted by John Anderson (ESPN’s SportsCenter), John Henson (E! Entertainment’s Talk Soup).

http://www.deadline.com/2014/01/abc-picks-up-wipeout-for-seventh-season/ReplyQuote Multi
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