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I'm new to the forum, so I apologize if I make some sort of faux pas to start out.

I have an Onkyo TX-SR803 currently hooked up to Definitive BP-30s as fronts and 3 additional Definitives for rears and center. My roommate purchased a Hafler amp to augment the BP30s, and hooked it to the switched outlets on the rear of the receiver. I think that this load blew out the fuse on the outlets when he first turned it on (seeing as those outlets no longer work). I've tried a full factory reset, to no avail. Additionally, I STFA'd and I did not come across a helpful answer. Does anyone know if the fuse for the outlets is replaceable, or switchable?

In the user manual, it is noted that the fuse for the receiver itself is non-user servicable, but no mention is made of the additional rear outlets.