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Early Switch to DST...Again, Yes

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I was viewing a recorded program that was recorded earlier today (Sunday 2/8/2009) and the program stopped early. Upon investigating I see that most TV stations in San Francisco Bay Area are putting out PSIP message that the time in now PDT. It is not supposed to start until March 8th. How about the other areas around the country. I think the TV stations believe that they can set the PSIP message 30 days ahead. They set day and time for the change, but should have waited until after Feb. 8th.
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Ok - I saw it on my 3 DTVPALs (different FW versions) - solution is to turn OFF DST in your timezone settings screen. I should imagine the same solution will work for other units with the same issue.

Turn it on in a couple days.
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I also saw this on my DTVPal plus last night so i turned DST off and when i turned on the tv today, my Pal had a message up saying something about the DST was incorrect and should it correct it. I saw the time had been fixed so i set the DST back on.
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I checked yesterday morning and TR40 showed correct time. Later the same eve. the timer fired an hour early. I fixed the time and shut it down. It came back on an hour later, so I didn't check the recording. It lost the recording when it got stuck on that screen asking if I wanted to correct the DST. I must not have been recording last Fall, all I remember was that it fixed itself.

CM7000 was wrong last Fall, fixed itself within a couple hours. This time I haven't noticed a wrong time.

Zenith was wrong last Fall, and I changed the setting to manual for a month. It was wrong again yesterday, so I put it back on manual time.
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Most of the stations here in Denver have jumped ahead an hour as well. Extremely annoying...
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I don't see this issue with my Sunkey's or Apex DT502's.
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Thankfully, the early DST flip has resolved in my area.
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I am guessing this issue is broadcast station dependent. Last night I noticed that the time on my Zenith DTT-901 guide was an hour ahead on NBC. Switched to FOX, same thing. One channel up to ION, and suddenly the time was correct. It would be interesting to have other boxes for comparison to see if my hypothesis is correct.
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It's definitly a broadcaster issue. I just don't understand why so many stations across the U.S. have this exact same issue every year.
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I just did a recheck of some of my CECB's and found the following:

Zinwell ZAT-950A 0827 - Showed correct time and EPG (enhanced) for WWPB-DT & WVPY-DT, except that when the unit is on WWPX-DT both are +1 hour.
Sunkey SK-801ATSC - Showed correct time and EPG for WMAR-DT, WJZ-DT, WUTB-DT, & WNUV-DT.
APEX DT502 - Showed correct time for WMAR-DT, WJZ-DT, WUTB-DT, & WNUV-DT, but the weird thing is that the EPG is off by +1 hour.

Insignia NS-DXA1-APT
- Showed +1 hour for WMAR-DT, WBAL-DT, WJZ-DT, WUTB-DT, WNUV-DT, & WWPX-DT, while WWPB-DT showed the correct time.

Added: AccessHD DTA1080D - Showed correct time for WMAR-DT, WBAL-DT, WJZ-DT, WUTB-DT, & WNUV-DT. WWPX-DT +1 hour. NOTE: This CECB doesn't seem to have any manual adjustment for DST.

Added: RCA DTA800B1 - Showed correct time for WJZ-DT, WUTB-DT, & WNUV-DT (only stations it receives).
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This problem should only show up on the 30th day before DST starts or ends.
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Bump - Updated.
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