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Does anyone have any experience with this companies amps? They have a very extensive lineup & look like excellent performers. I know these class D amps are a touchy subject, but they seem to be getting better & better. Maybe down the road class A & A/B amps just might be in for some stiff competition from these guys. What do you think? Just curious.
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Read through this thread.
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Thanks for the link.
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They're awesome! Read the 10audio review on a Wyred 4 Sound amp. Very clean, very powerful, high end audio sound. I would say they sound very neutral and don't sound like traditional solid state amps. They are the finest amps I've ever owned and match well with most reflex speakers. You'd have to spend a lot of money, perhaps five or six times the price of the Wyred 4 Sound amp to do appreciably better.
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They are great amps well worth the money.tongue.gif
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I think they use the similar D amps that old Pioneer Elite's used and those were/are beloved and have a partial cult following. The ICE -Bang/Olsen amps. I know Pio went away from them for a few reasons and the license fee's from B/O weren't cheap but also because they were looking for a little better performance in the 4ohm load department and had made a decision to go all in with the D Class they they now call the D3 amp but overall everyone loved the sound of the Pio's ICE amps, I think the group of them was the Pioneer Elite SC 05,07,09,25,27,35,37 amps. I know plenty of others use the B/O ICE amps as well am sure there are differences from the Pio's but it is what I know of them. I have heard great things about the Wyred 4 Sound amp. I have the newer Pioneer SC-57 with similar D3 amps and love it. They say D class is the future and there are a few making great/amazing sounding D-class amps....
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