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Originally Posted by TPeterson View Post

keenyoung, I think that everything that you like about the R3300 is still there in the M6620N. But in addition it has built-in WiFi, dual tuners, and the ability to play back a file while recording two new programs at that same time. Tempus fugit.

Does the M6620N have a PVR program guide? Is it free or monthly fee?

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Keen, the M6620N EPG is derived from the same (free) PSIP info as on the R3310 and works very similarly. The main difference is that it allows you to schedule two overlapping events since there are two tuners.

P.S.: But make sure to note Kei's comment about the lack of analog video capturing.
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Originally Posted by Kei Clark View Post

You maybe experiencing the same problem we're starting to notice in some markets, that ION changed their stream causing a shutdown while the unit is scanning PSIP. If you have a local ION channel, try removing it out of the lineup.

That was the ticket! I remember reading about the ION stream in this forum a while ago, but didn't pay much attention at the time. Last night I removed both the analog and digital ION channels from my lineup, and viola! I scheduled 6 recordings overnight, and they all recorded fine.

Also, now when I bring up the EPG, I get 12 hours of programs on each channel, instead of the 1-2 hours I used to get. I'm in love with this thing all over!

I don't know how you guys figured out the ION stream thing, but I want to thank you all so much for your work with this quirky little box, and the advice you give here. Now I don't have to spend $400 for an M6620N or $19/month on that crappy TIVO.

Many regards,
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Thanks for the update. I'm glad that you're back in business.

BTW, the analog channels have nothing to do with this problem so you don't need to delete any of them.
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Well, my problems are back. After removing ION from the PSIP scan the unit worked fine. For 6 months. Now the problems are back. Lockups during recording, black screen (with full signal strength bars) when channel changes for recording, and sound dropouts.

Do you guys know of any other channels in the stream that might be causing this issue?

Which version of the firmware does everyone think is the most stable?

Might have to upgrade to that M6620N. Crap.

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Keen, did you try redoing the channel scan (and again deleting all the ION stations)? I recently found my R3310 acting up for HDTV service and rescanning seems to have fixed its woes.

Note that, unlike with the dual-tuner M6620N (which periodically scans the PSIP of all channels in the GoTo list whenever the unit is in HDTV mode), the R3310 only examines the PSIP of channels as they are tuned, which means that the ION-specific problem won't cause R3310 crashing unless you tune to one of the ION channels.
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Kei Clark provided her local ION station engineer a TViX to test the crashing problem. They report that changes in the broadcast stream (evidently network wide) have stopped it. I confirm that the SF Bay Area ION station KKPX today is not causing crashing of my R3310, so it seems that the problem may have been fixed network wide. It's probably safe to rescan your channels and leave the ION stations in the list.
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I appreciate the information, and the extra work. However, my 3300 is a rolling bag of lockups, blackouts, dropped sound, and crappy tuning. I have finally given up on it as a PVR, and only use it as a media server. It probably won't even do that much longer as the fan is making a terrible noise, and the hard drive is coming down with hard errors.

I had big hopes for this machine, as it did everything I wanted at a good price. Unfortunately DIVCO never spent the necessary effort to make it usable, much less great. I considered upgrading to the 6620 on the advice of others, but the support on the 3300 has been so bad I have decided to go with a PC based PVR. Too bad. It could have been a wonderful machine.

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To those who are following or reading this discussion:

If you want to comment the new topic I started about the DVICO R-2210, you are welcome. I need your help !


Thanks !
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