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Advice for completing my Home Theatre

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After quite a bit of research Ive managed to put together a decent HT(i think) but ran into issues when it came to purchasing the speakers.

I wanted to get Klipsch F3 Mains, Klipsch C3 centre, Klipsch B3 rears, Klipscg Sub 12 and maybe Klipsch S3 surrounds but after buying part of the set realized that Best Buy is discontinuing the line and now I am having trouble finding the entire set.

I have the F3 mains and the Sub 12 but could not find the C3 so settled on the C2 and can not find the S3 surrounds but the S1s are available and can not find the B3's anywhere so I am looking for some advice on what speakers I should get to complete the rears and whether I would be losing a lot if I settled for the S1's for the surround.

My room is about 8ft x 12ft
I have a Denon 989 receiver
My budget for the rears would be around $350-$550
Im 99% HT and Gaming and 1% music

Also I just purchased these speakers so if you have any advice on different speakers in a similar price range I am open for suggestions.

Thanks in Advance
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found em..
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I have a pair of the Emotiva ERD-1 surrounds. They will come in under your budget and may well surprise you with how well they perform for the money spent. I'm amazed at how well they sound.

The only problem may be with your receiver and 4 ohm speakers. Some searching or questions in the receiver/amps section may help.
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