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Epson Home cinema 6100 red tinting towards bottom left corner

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Anyone notice this? I have a red/pink tint towards the bottom left side of my screen with my new home cinema 6100. the text also seems slightly fuzzy down in the same corner.

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Have a close look to see whether you can see red lines since it sounds like it could be a convergence issue? There is a screen shot from someone in the main 6100 thread that shows such a convergence issue. My reason for thinking it could be convergence is that you also say the text looks fuzzy in that area.

Can you post a close-up screen shot?
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I've also noticed this red/pink tint on my 6100, but haven't heard of any other problems before counterbond. I suppose its limited to select projectors and not a widespread problem. I have about 20 hrs on mine, and it has seemingly gotten worse from when I noticed it around the 5hr mark (It's actually on both of my bottom corners). It becomes VERY noticeable in darker scenes/letter bars of widescreen movies. From my perspective, its more of a red splotch, or blob, not lines.

I've been in contact with Epson and they told me to reseat the lamp but that did nothng to resolve the problem. Ill be calling the Private support line this week to see if I can get a replacement, or some sort of fix.
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Hi Guys,

I am getting a red band/bar tinting the across entire top of the screen. It is probably about 40/50 pixels deep. It has been slowly growing over the last month or so. Not good :/

I have put about 400hrs on this projector.

I am going to have to contact epson to get this one sorted out. Anyone else seeing this at all?

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I am also seeing this. I had this happen to one projector and this is my second one that is doing the same thing. In my case the red bar is going across the bottom since it is celing mounted.
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What you guys are describing sounds like either a polarizer is burned or one of the LCD panels is degrading. I don't really suspect the polarizer as it usually the Blue one that burns. So if it is a panel degrading, then you're looking at a very expensive repair if not in warranty.
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I have the red "bar" at the bottom of my screen. Mine is lees than a year old. I'm really hoping this would be covered under warranty.
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My projector only has 494 hours on it should a LCD panel degrade that quickly? I would think that I would that this would be a big problem that others would be reporting but I am finding few others reporting this. I am not even running the lamp in full brightness since my theater is in a full basement with little light.
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Can you post an image of the problem?
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I have uploaded 3 images 48 is the test pattern from the proj showing that the source is not causing the issue (a little dark but visible in the white at bottom) 49 is a screen that is bright and tinting very evident. 50 is a close up of the tint
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That's exactly what I am seeing - although my band is a bit wider. I just dropped mine off to an Epson service centre this morning.. Hopefully it won't be gone too long
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I have a Powerlite Pro Cinema 1080p and I have the red on top and blue bars on bottom. Called into Epson Service and been back and forth a few times. Warranty is up and based on no call back it appears now they are not going to make good on this KNOW ISSUE.

This is disappointing as I am a partner in a local Home Theater Company here in Toronto and we've been selling Epson Projectors on a regular basis for a couple of years now.

Any local Epson Service Centers in Toronto, Ontario?
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Just a follow up on my projector. Bear in mind I am in Australia..

Took it to the Epson service centre, they agreed there was a problem (duh) and ordered a replacement Optical Engine from Epson. This all went pretty smoothly and I had the projector back in about a week.

30 hours of viewing later the image was becoming increasingly dim and I was noticing a lot of light leakage from the front vents. A few hours later the lamp finally blew. It had about 600hrs use before the repair (projector itself is 14 months old).

I rang service centre & epson to complain about the odd 'coincedence', knowing full well that the lamp was out of warrantly (only 6 months) and they could tell me to cough up the $450 for a new one! However, to their credit, I spoke with Tony at Epson Australia and he agreed to replace the lamp under warranty with very little fuss.

I then took the projector back to the service centre and had a reasonable discussion with the tech. He showed me that replacing the Optical Engine includes the LCD panels, entire optical setup including lens, and mainboard. Basically all that was left was the power supply, fans, and lamp. He also said that the banding issue was a known problem and they had "quite a few" epson projectors being repaired with this particular issue. Epson have not given them any information about the cause/resolution of the problem at this stage.

The lamp was replaced and I picked up the projector a few days later. Now I am much happier and hopefully won't have any more problems for a long time... Although I am a bit concerned about the quality of their products, I have to give them credit for the warranty support.

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Well.. One month later and my repaired projector is showing the same red banding issue already...

This is ridiculous. This will be the fourth time I have needed to have this projector replaced/fixed!!

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I have the same red/pink across the top of my PowerLight Home Cinema 8100. It started in June and has been growing ever since. I called Epson and my 2-year warranty expired in December I guess. I don't understand this LCD "burn-in" as he called it... LCD's are not supposed to burn in!!! I have LCD monitors I have left on for 5+ years and they still work good as new. They sent me to their "loyalty discount site" to buy a refurbished unit since they don't have a service center within 300miles of the USA's 13th largest city, and their prices are still 10-30% higher than Google Shopping results.

Can someone reccomend a good 1080p projector that is bright enough to work in daylight (1800+ lumens) and that is not DLP (even fast color-wheels make me see rainbows every blink) and that is not made by Epson?
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