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Z-2300 Failed... What next?

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I recently purchased a set of Logitech Z-2300s and after hours trying to tweak the sound with software EQ I could not get any kind of good sound out of them. The mid range was incredibly hollow and it sounded about on par, if not worse, than the stock iPod earbuds.

So, I'm now looking to get something else. I used to have a set of Creative Inspire 2900s that I quite liked the sound of, until the volume control broke on them.

I'd like either 2.0 or 2.1 and they will be connected primarily to my computer. My budget is less than ~$130.

One option I was considering was the Sony B1000s (look them up on Amazon, it won't let me provide a link), but I don't know what would be a good amp/receiver to pair them with in my price range.

Thanks all for your suggestions!
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I feel your pain -- the Z-2300's didn't cut it for me either. If you can stretch your budget a little, the small Audio Engine powered monitors sound great (www.AudioEngineUSA.com). The Audio Engines got a very favorable reiviw on stereophile.com. Otherwise, the m-audio Studiophile AV40 are quite good and closer to your budget. Both are 2.0 solutions, but have reasonable base response for their size. You can always add a subwoofer (with left and right line level inputs) later, if you want.
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Just an FYI. How to make Amazon links work:


delete everything back to:

h _ttp://www.amazon.com/Sony-SS-B1000-Bookshelf-Speakers-Pair/dp/B000OG88KY


I do not think that those speakers are a good choice for you. At all. dayvo's recommendation of some powered monitors is probably your best option. HERE are a bunch that you can look through.
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In thinking about what happened with the Logitech's, I keep wondering if I just got a complete dud of a unit. After reading so many positive reviews of them, I cant imagine that everyone's units sounded as mine did and that they liked it. So, on the one hand I'm contemplating ordering another set of them and trying again.

Otherwise, after looking at your recommendations for powered monitors, the Audio Engine A2s, although receiving great reviews, are a bit out of my price range. The AV40s are much closer. But then I noticed they're slightly smaller brother the AV30s, which are right where I want price wise. They seem to be fairly new without too many reviews, but seem to be getting pretty good marks as well.

So any thoughts on whether I should try the Z-2300s again (new set) vs AV30s?
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I tried the Z-2300's after reading all the rave reviews and thought they sounded thin, tinny, and boxy. The Audio Engines and AV40's sounded much better -- much more musical. Don't know about the AV30's, but it couldn't hurt to try. You can find the AV40's at (some) BestBuy's. I think they're around $150.
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get some klipsch 2.1 on ebay my friend bought one for 80 bux. They sound pretty decent an have good balance of bass an tremble. If you can strech it out a bit more an go 5.1 with the z-5500 i love them
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