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It is a power issue. Either the power supply or the ballast. In instances like these it is usually a blown cap or two somewhere. It has not happened to mine yet so I can't comment on where to start looking.
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Quck reply, thanks! Guess I'll start looking for someone to take it to for repair... big fingers aren't so good for working on this stuff...
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I just procured a damaged HC1600 and it has these bad pixels / black & yellow then two vertical lines one pixel id say in width.

What happened to this projector? Can I repair this?

I've phoned Mitsu and am waiting for a call-back.

Any advice would be appreciated -

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This is a problem that will need to be addressed by an authorized repair facility. It is a failed Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) and the entire DLP board around it will need to be replaced. A board that is only sold to authorized repair centers and a part that you can not find anywhere on the internet.

My best advice to you, if you'd want to attempt the fix yourself, is find another hc1600 with a different problem and swap the DLP boards.
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I'm new here and wondering if any of you experience the problem I'm having with my HC1600. Everytime I hook it up to my Windows 7 computer it does not get detected until I restart my computer. Any thoughts on this? Is this expected behavior? This did not happen when I used to have Windows XP on the same PC. With XP, I only needed to check "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" and it works. No need to restart.

Any Windows 7 expert here?
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how many hours are people getting out of the lamps? I have had 2500 trouble free hours and am wondering if I should source a replacement or just plan on replacing the projector altogether.

thanks in advance!
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What I do now is just go to Device Manager and disable and enable the Display Adapter. This way I don't need to restart the computer just to get detected.
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In the manual it says "COLOR may be unavailable depending on the type of input signal.'

Question is, what type of signal will enable the COLOR adjustment? At least for TINT, the manual was specific about it being enabled only when you have NTSC signal. But what about the COLOR?

Does anyone know? Thanks.
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Tint and Color are from the analog days, If you use a component (non HD signal), composite or Svideo you will have access to those controls but . HDMI or VGA you will not as they really have no place in the digital world. TV makers are adding them in newer sets because people think they need them when in fact the do not.
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Thank you.
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Gotta Mitsusbishi HC1600 never had a problem with it..Had a bonehead in my basement adding outlets..a room over from my theater. .kicked a breaker twice...now I gotta an expensive blue flash light..powers up,runs like normal..can access menus..but wont revoginze any type of input..hdmi, component..nothing. .keep getting no signal. .any help out there?
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