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After about a year, my HC1600 picked up an extremely loud extremely annoying whine. Much louder than the fans. It's obviously the color wheel - either something got knocked out of alignment or a bearing is shot. However, when I called Mitsubishi's service line, the only place they could tell me to take it for repairs is in Portland (I'm in Seattle) and they charge $150 just to look at it - repair costs are extra. So I'm wondering if anybody else has had similar problems and how they resolved it. I'm hesitant to pay a couple hundred dollars to maybe fix a $700 projector.

After talking to the repair company, I tried opening it myself. I got part way in but couldn't quite get into the compartment with the color wheel. Has anybody done this kind of repair themselves and could maybe give me a couple pointers for what to try?

I think that the problem started when my roommate lost his job and was watching it maybe 16 hours a day for a few weeks. Apparently it can't really handle that kind of abuse. So if you're considering getting it to run it a _lot_, you may want to think again.
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I've had my HC1600 for about two weeks now. And besides some basic calibration I've left it be because I'm just blown away by how good the picture is from a 720p basic home theater projector! I'm just working now on trying to ceiling mount it....does anybody have favorite mounts for this puppy? Also, Best part is showing off to the neighbors who just got a 65" hdtv how my 275" projector screen is better
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I've had my HC1600 since April when I got from Amazon for about $650. It is now mounted to the ceiling of my theatre 18' from screen wall. It mounted with a $50 bracket from Projector-Gear via Amazon. The image is zoomed slightly to a 120" diag 16:9 screen.

I was so impressed by the quality of the picture on plain off-white painted basement walls that I didn't plan to do a screen. However I did notice the blacks were not that great on bluray dark scenes and COD4. So considered special screen paint for $120 a gallon. A AVS thread turned me onto Behr "Silver Screen" color. Tried it in flat with 2 coats on my screen wall. Results were very noticeable. More contrast, truer colors, slightly dimmer. I run the HC1600 in eco mode mostly in evenings when there is little or no ambient sunlight. Full mode lamp fan is noticably audible, I'll save it for Superbowl party.

BluRay and HD content from DVR are noticeably clearer than standard DVD's. I had a party last weekend and had the kids watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets on BluRay. They loved it and the parents couldnt get over the quality and size of the picture. I was chagrined that I hadnt finished painting the room dark green but such is the life of a DIY HT project.
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Originally Posted by 99th_Obsidian View Post

Now that I have a HT projector I am reconsidering selling my not so old 55" samsung HDTV. While its a fat pig it does offer one benefit that the projector doesn't. A place to put the sensor bar for our Wii. When I ceiling mount my projector, equipment rack will now be located near the back of the theater. That is a good 18' from where a sensor bar would be over the screen. Then there is the fact that alot of wii games require you stand which means that you'll cast a shadow. Then there is the idea of my kids burning up my projector lamp playing Wii games. I mean it OK if I do on COD WAW or flight simming.

Wish I had sold my Samsung 55" projection HDTV when it was working. Now its just taking up a 2x5 space in rec room. The transformer or something electrical went out while watching a movie with family. Convienient since I needed an excuse to bust out the HC1600 on the wife. Bummed that my 2200k HDTV that I bought just 6 years ago is a POS now. But then again if it was working it would be in the way. I still dont plan on hooking up the Wii to the HC1600. But perhaps a PS3 now that they are $300.
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Greetings all:

Please forgive my ignorance and the noob question. I ordered an HC1600. This is my first HD projector. I'm going to try to put it in a room that is roughly 11 x 10 (small house). My only other option is the great room at 18 x 15. Am I foolhardy for attempting such a task. Also, does this thing really need to be mounted from the ceiling or can I use a shelf approach? Thanks in advance for any insight.
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A shelf will work fine.
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Good to know. My rooms are pretty small, so I may return the projector. I've been looking at how big the screen image will be if I put it in either of my rooms. According to http://www.projectorcentral.com/Mits...ulator-pro.htm, I may not get as much bang for my buck. Mitsu docs say is should work from 8 to 24 feet...
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mine is mounted 12' 6" from the screen and I'm throwing a 108" image. If place it a 10' from the screen you should get an 84" image.
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I ordered and received my Mits HC1600 projector from Amazon back in February. I sent in the rebate form for $100 and free bulb, but still have not received it today.

I have an email saying my rebate was received, however the link seems to not work anymore, and didn't have much luck getting a hold of anyone. Anyone experienced this issue? Do you have a number to contact?
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I did do a search before posting.
I've had my HC1600 for about 18 months.

I read Im not the only person experiencing the annoying color wheel whine.

Does anyone know where to get replacement color wheels ?
Failing that has anyone had any experience trying to reseat one ?

Any input most appreciated !


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Just joined the club, UPS tracking says it will be here today!!!
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Enjoy It - its a great PJ.

Except for the annoying color wheel whine - but I don't know if thats just me and one other - or symptomatic of the PJ.


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Yes, I did notice some whine, overall a lot quieter than my old Sharp but higher pitched. I modded the ebay mount on my Sharp to work on the HC 1600 and I'm getting some keystoning (image smaller at the bottom). According to the manual using the correction for this lowers the resolution anyone have any thoughts on this?
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I had to do some keystone correction - I hadn't realized that it lowers the resolution !

Bugger !

Overall though the image looks great to me. (Im not an expert - videophiles would maybe not agree).

Be interesting to see if yours gets louder over time - mine started off very quite.


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I bought mine 2/27/09. I have 1,050 hours on it and the lamp is flickering
Mitsubishi said I can send it in for a free warrenty dignostic and they will install a new bare bulb for cheaper than buying a replcement lamp unit.

This kind of stinks. The warrenty is one year or 500 hours, which ever comes first. 500 hours for a year equates to 1.3 hours a day. This is my primary TV and runs about 5 hours a day.
Bummer. Anyone ever try the $185 bulb on ebay?
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Hang in there with the flicker. If you run it on high lamp for a few hours at a time it usually goes away. Also try this it worked for me. Switch back and forth from high to low lamp a few times and see if it goes away. My flicker came back the next day and I just did the switch thing again. I did this off and on for about a week and now its been gone for the last month.

BTW my lamp started this at about 800 hrs and it's completely gone now.
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I will give that a try.
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If you do get a new lamp don't order from ebay. Those are usually Chinese knock offs. Get an original Mitsubishi lamp for $295. This place has them http://www.provantage.com/mitsubishi...p~7MITP056.htm .

The model number of your lamp is VLT-HC910LP and is used in the following Mitsubishi projectors:

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My HC1600 had 1300 hours on its lamp when it refused to light last Friday. I got a new one shipped to me yesterday from Pureland Supply. It cost $217 - much less than what I had expected to pay. I had always run the projector in the low lamp mode. I expected 3000 hours so I was a bit disappointed, but figured I was just unlucky.

However the new lamp doen't seem to be as bright as the original lamp. Are the Pureland Supply lamps "cheap Chinese" knock offs? Is there anyway to know if a lamp is high quality?
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PLB, did it come in a brown Mitsubishi box? Here's a good article on fake lamps.

Also pureland's ebay ad says:

This is a replacement OEM equivalent lamp for the Mitsubishi VLT-HC910LP with cage assembly included.

The word "equivalent" is in a lot of lamp seller ads on the net. If it doesn't say it's made by Mitsubishi then I'd stay away. Doesn't sound like it's made by Mitsubishi, but I could be wrong. When I bought my replacement lamp I bought from buy.com for $300 and made sure the ad said the manufacturer was Mitsubishi. Mine came in a brown Mitsubishi box with the lamp model number on it and says made in Japan.
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Thank you Legairre. My new bulb came in an Apog box which proudly stated that it contained a genuine Apog lamp. Whoopie!

This lamp cost $217. Most of the stores that sell factory replacement VLT-HC910LP sell them at about $340. I see now that there are also some eBay lamps advertised at $185.

I'm going to buy a factory lamp from the vendor you recommended at $295. I'll keep my rather dim Apog lamp as an emergency backup.

With the dim replacement lamp I have to run it in standard mode and boost the Brilliant Color up to seven. With the orginal bulb I ran it in Low Mode with Brilliant Color at three and it was still brighter than it is now. It's a big, big difference.

I think the Pureland Supply lamps are fine as long as you don't actually put them in your projector. I'm sure my genuine Apog lamp will do just fine sitting in the drawer. When my factory lamp blows out in a year or two I'll open that drawer and use it while I wait for another factory lamp to come in the mail.
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The replacement lamp VLT-HC900 has been a very successful OEM equivalent for the Mitsubishi units.

If you are having issues with the lamp, we offer many options for replacement and refund.

Mitsubishi does not manufacture their own lamps and relies on many of the same lamp manufacturers that we use for the OEM Equivalent replacements.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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I had hoped to have been able to post here my happy news that the authentic bulb I had bought from Provantage was installed and working fine. Alas that isn't so. Provantage sent me an email notice that my order had been shipped on the 19th (the next day). Yesterday I called them asking where it was. The girl said that it had been shipped to their home office in Ohio on the 19th because they can't ship directly to California. Huh?

She said it will be at my door on Tuesday the 29th. We'll see.

I guess I'm spoiled. My InFocus X-1 went over 6000 hours on the original bulb.
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Glad I was able to help PLB.

WTF? they can't ship to Cali? Please let us know if the bulb is an original and how it goes.
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As I wait here for my factory bulb I thought I would contribute to the world's wisdom by explaining how to see rainbows.

Why would you want to see rainbows (RBE)? Because so many people are afraid of them.

When I was very young I taught driving. I would tell the student driver to check the mirrors and then look over his shoulder to see if it was safe to change lanes. Many students at this point couldn't move. They kept looking for another car. So I would ask them if they saw another car and they would say, "No". "That's because", I would answer, "there is no car there". They knew what a car looked like but they needed to be taught what no car looked like.

Similarly most people don't see rainbows but fear that at any moment they will appear - and it will be horrible.

To see the RBE just put a fan in the projector's light path. Adjust the speed of the fan and at some critical speed the rotating blades will chop up the projected white light into reds, blues, and greens. It is not subtle. Everyone sees it.

Then if you see anything like that in a regular projected image you know that you are rainbow sensitive. Most people however will recognize that they never see color separations like that - and they will stop worrying.
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Good news! The $295 bulb (VLT-HC910LP) came from Provantage yesterday as promised by Provantage. So I am reporting that Provantage does indeed have reliable customer service. What they don't have is rapid delivery. It took eleven days.

Provantage explained that the email that they had sent me informing me that the lamp had shipped the next day didn't mean it was shipped to me - it was shipped to them in Ohio. For some reason they can't ship directly to California. My lamp spent a week in their Ohio warehouse.

When my original lamp failed I bought the cheapest replacement that I could find. That was the Apog at $217. It came in two or three days. I was grateful for the rapid delivery because I was bed ridden with the damn H1N1 flu. I was too sick to read. I had planned to just watch movies and TV while lying back in one of my recliners. Then the bulb failed.

Unfortunately this inexpensive Chinese replacement lamp wasn't very bright. So on the advice from others on this thread I ordered a Japanese lamp from Provantage. This new bulb is bright. I'm happy with the image again. I can again set the lamp to Low and turn down the Brilliant Color.

The Apog lamp uses an Ushio bulb. The Apog lamp itself is mostly plastic whereas the original bulb had had a cast metal housing. The Japanese lamp from Provantage is identical to the original. I wouldn't care except that this Chinese lamp yields only about half the light. It goes in the drawer as an emergency backup.

The $300 Japanese lamp is called a "replacement" lamp. The $200 Chinese lamp is called an "alternative" lamp. Be warned.

I have now spent $500 for lamps on a projector that only cost about $600. How I'm lusting after an LED projector.
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I have a Mack Camera Service Warranty, their supplier is Pureland Supply, the first bulb they sent me failed after around 2 months. They replaced it (under 90 day warranty) and that one failed too - within two weeks!
These bulbs are no good!
Do not buy from Pureland Supply!
I am going to try for the Provantage one! Thanks
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Guys, sorry to revive this thread, but I just bought an HC1600 and am having fun toying with it.

Quick question about zoom. Is it OK to crank the zoom on this thing or do you lose image quality? I'm aiming for a 110-inch screen, but I have a 16-foot room and don't want to cram the projector against the back wall. It's ceiling mounted.

By the way, I'm shocked how good this thing looks projected onto a chocolate-colored wall. Crazy, considering they should drop a zero from this forum -- "Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP" -- for the price I just picked up this display model for.
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Originally Posted by Idahoguy View Post

Guys, sorry to revive this thread, but I just bought an HC1600 and am having fun toying with it.

Quick question about zoom. Is it OK to crank the zoom on this thing or do you lose image quality? I'm aiming for a 110-inch screen, but I have a 16-foot room and don't want to cram the projector against the back wall. It's ceiling mounted.

By the way, I'm shocked how good this thing looks projected onto a chocolate-colored wall. Crazy, considering they should drop a zero from this forum -- "Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP" -- for the price I just picked up this display model for.

I've always heard as a standard, if you can avoid using full zoom you should. IIRC when you use the full zoom it lowers brightness... I'm not sure about image quality. I'm sure someone else will chime in.

If nobody else jumps in to answer, you may just want to start a new thread asking the general question about zoom and image quality. I don't think this thread gets much action.

Sounds like you got a good buy on your 1600... I just picked mine up last week as well.... $350 for the PJ, two year extended warranty, and an extra bulb. It is used, but the current bulb only had 110 hrs, and with an extra I wasn't even worried about it.

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Is the HC1600 still a current model, I do not see it listed on the Best Buy web site ?
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