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Wow, a quick Google search seems to indicate that I'm probably screwed if he's as high up as I can go with this issue.

Thanks a lot for the information. If my experience is anything like the other people who have written about dealing with Mr. Finnerty, I guess I will have to unload this set on Craigslist, take a loss, and never buy another Samsung product.
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JMU, you're not necessarily screwed.

I called the 888-480-5675 number that Rudy posted, and let it ring. A gentleman by the name of Cliff LaPaix answered as "president's office." I asked to speak to the Sean Finnerty fellow, and of course he wasn't available.

Cliff wanted to know why I wanted to talk to Sean. I told him my tale of having a FPT5084X/XAA with the capacitor problem, that it's not on the approved settlement list, and the rude "no soup for you" treatment from the regular CSR's (and also the capacitor settlement dept manager) who could care less that I had to pay for my own repair. I explained that I was talking to him on a Samsung phone, had another Sammy plasma in the house, have two Sammy LED montiors in my office, and even own a Galaxy Player insted of an Apple iPod. I asked if he wanted my loyalty to Samsung to end today. He barely let me finish my (polite & respectful) rant. He offered to send out a local warranty station with the caveat that if the problem was anything other than the power supply, I would pay.

No problem! They tech was out today with a new power supply, and had it replaced in about 20 min. Presto change-o, we are back in business!

Thanks Cliff, and thank you Samsung!
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Does anyone here know if the OP pertains to the Samsung extended manufacturer's warranties as well? It says "Samsung Extended Warranty Plan begins after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. The plan pays 100% of covered parts and labor for unlimited repairs during term of the contract. The extended warranty covers everything that the manufacturers warranty covers." I haven't yet received a price for their in-house EW, but I would imagine it's a bit pricier than a third-party EW. If the possibility of an upgrade down the road remains with the Samsung EW I would pay the higher premium over the third-party EW's.
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All very well for you ECR is the absolute pits. My case has been ongoing for 8 weeks now a call to RECR every two days gets me a new caseworker every other contact and they all have the same answer, "I will email Upper Management you will have to wait for an answer"

Not good enough I want to know the address for the legal department so that I can submit a small claims notice.
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Anyone have the new # or have had any success with sean lately?
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I just wanted to confirm how horrendous the customer service at Samsung is.  I followed all advice that I found on the internet in dealing with my black line issue, but to no avail. 


Samsung will not admit there is an issue with their TV's.  Mine is a 59" Plasma and I have other older TV's at home, the Samsung is only 4 yrs old, and they do not have this issue. 


They are terrible at getting back to you on resolving the issue, as they never once called me back.  I had to call them every second day for 3 weeks and did not get anywhere, even with ECS.  I was talking with Marcus from ECS and he is useless.


I will keep it short, but am disgusted that they would not even offer a small repair to retain a customer.  I will not by another Samsung product for my home or our business.  At work we have 80 TV's and replace probably 10 per year and recently we had to replace Samsungs that had a black line issue.  We have LG's and Panasonics that are running 24/7 for 10 years that have not had any issues.


Hope everyone spreads the word about Samsung's lack of quality and customer service.

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