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I Want To Upload Images Tutorial

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I get asked - and see it asked many times - how to upload images to share/participate on this forum. So I put together a quick tutorial for newbies on how to do this. Note - there are other ways to post images, but this one is easy and free...

First, go to photobucket.com and set up a free account. Once you have your account set up, you can upload images. Note, it is best to have them in the size 800x600 according to their size limit, but if you don't, the site will automagically resize them for you.

Here is a screen shot of what the upload part looks like. (Edited January 2009 with new image)

I was able to post the previous image by clicking in the box titled IMG Code (3rd box under each image) and you will see a yellow box pop up that says "copied"...then just past it here in a reply, new thread, advanced post or edit a previous reply box.

Good luck and welcome to the forum. You are now ready to post images!
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Message said I need to make 5 post before I can embed an image link.
This gets me 1 post closer.
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I also ment to say thanks for the info. jikkjack!
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Its also helpful to resize your images to avoid having the text bleed over in your posts.

Photobucket has a nifty way to do this:
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More nifty photobucket tricks.

How to rehost an image in your photobucket account.

Step one see an image and copy the url of an image, firefox can do this with a right click:

Step 2, go to your photobucket account, click on "Web URL", paste the images upload, then click upload.
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I host them from the public folder in my .MAC account (for those with a .MAC account or equivalent).

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good info, thanks.
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why I can't type in my info in the next step, I tried several times but no luck. I succesfully past step 1 but step 2 won't show my info at all so I can't register.
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Try registering on a different computer?
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Can a moderator make this thread a Sticky?
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Honestly, the easiest way I've found to upload an image is using tinypic.com, choose your size, upload, and post the link. no registering involved.
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Originally Posted by dc_pilgrim View Post

Try registering on a different computer?

Thanks, I was able to register in my laptop.
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even though this is an old thread, it should be very useful

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also imageshack.us should do it..
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great info
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Got a PM - thought I'd post the answer here as well:


Hello there,

I need your assistance please. I'm trying to add pictures to my posts and I'm losing hope here. I've tried the way you posted in your signature but I'm missing something. Every time I try and enter a picture, I either make it a link to a picture or during the upload process I sit there for several minutes waiting for the photo to load and finally give in that I must have done something wrong. And yes I have a photobucket account.

Can you assist me please? I'd like to participate on the forum as well...

My answer:

Try a different browser (if possible). Sounds like something is getting hung up in the upload. Alternatively, photobucket will give you an e-mail address to send the files to, and they will add it to your account that way.

If you are looking at your photobucket page while logged in, there should be a box with a list of options to upload. If click on the "Dot" that says e-mail, they give you the address. Don't put a lot of text in the e-mail or it might not post.

Once it uploads via e-mail it dumps them into the main library and you have to move them one at a time if you use folders. My work blocks uploading directly, but e-mail works.
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Thanks for the instructions -- very helpful and easy.
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Might be helpful -- if you have a lot of photos to upload --- try to take them in chunks of 3-4 at a time. I selected a bunch (30+) and found myself waiting for some time --- even with a high speed connection.
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I just tried ImageShack and its free, no registration required. Sweet!

PS I need one more post after this one to be able to post images.
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Thanks for the info!
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Yeah thanks!

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I realize this is an old thread but...Since Huddler took over the easiest way is to use the little picture icon and host it right here:

Originally Posted by djportal View Post

I just tried ImageShack and its free, no registration required. Sweet!
Not no more.
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