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My Living Room theater Transformation...

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Hello all! I have decided to start a thread for my living room theater here to see how it has progressed in the year I have been in the house and also to get some advice on a few things. Just as background, my living room is part of my second floor - all open floorplan in a townhouse. Running cable from front to back will be a pain, so perhaps someone will have some insight into that!

More to come - I need to get sleep and get my pictures off the camera!

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OK...so I looked and can't find a picture of when I moved in so all I got is how it is now:

The equipment I have now is:
Sony DVD
Sony VHS
Denon AVR-789 (just purchased)
Sony 400 CD Changer
Motorola HD DVR
Bose 701 Series 1 Mains
Klipsch Sub10 (just purchased)
Logitech Harmony One (just purchased)
Logitech Harmony 720 for Zone 2 (office)

So...my question is this, and I know it has been asked a lot here, but here goes:

I am looking to start with a 3.1 system for the fronts, so I am looking for (right now) a Center channel as well as Left and Right. I have a tight budget and dont need it immediately and have looked at a few things...AV123, a few others, but I am looking for suggestions on this front. Any takers??
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There's as many speaker options as there are members here. Go audition some and get what you like. On a side note, if you can return the Klipsch 10" and get the 12", it'd be worth it. Also, you need to lower the TV. Seems way too high where it is. Lower it so it's only a couple inches above your stand and the put a shelf above it for pictures and stuff.
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Yeah, I had second thoughts about the location as soon as it went up - I may or may not lower it any more, I wanted to leave space under it for the center channel. I wanted the Sub12 but they were out at the time, so i went with the sub10 instead. Eventually, I will get something better but this will hold over till then. I am also waiting on a replacement Audyssey mic to calibrate the room, so I have some time to look around. Anyone have experience with AV123 speakers? They look good and have good reviews...unfortunately nowhere to audition them...
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I was on a budget also and I went with the CBM 170SE's from Ascend Acoustics. Those little speakers put out some great sound. I had the L/R/C for about 2 months before I went out and got the Klipsch Sub-12. When I added the sub the Ascends seemed to come alive and make watching TV/Movies and playing games much more enjoyable. You can get a the 3 speakers for ~$550. Take a look at the website. They have several different speakers to choose from, plus there is a lot of documentation about each type.

My setup:
Samsung HL-S4266 DLP
SA Explorer 8300HD Cable/DVR box
Xbox 360
Pioneer VSX-1018H-K AVR
Samsung upconverting DVD
Klipsch Sub-12
Ascend Acoustics CBM-170SE L/C/R
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Glad you mentioned Ascends - I looked at them yesterday and couldn't remember what I had looked at I was looking at the CMT-340 SEs...they are compact (space is limited) and seem like they might pack a punch. And in my price range, that helps too! Anyone that has used the 340s cares to chime in, please feel free!
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Looks like the Ascends win out - 340s for the LR Mains with the center channel coming later...gotta save up a bit more to please the WAF factor
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just pulled the trigger on the CMT-340 center channel - had to cut back because my dumb self backed into a post in the parking lot there go the mains for now...gotta wait another few weeks now!!!
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thanks - the house is a rental (might be rent to own), and it is killing me to not just build out the basement!!!!!
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Ascend center channel arrives on wed. cant wait! Then I get my car fixed to the tune of 980.00, and THEN on to the Main L/R Ascend order! Will post pics of the center as well when it arrives.
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Alright...the big gap beneath the TV has been filled. Seriously...filled bigtime.

Now on to getting the LR pair to match! Then I can actually audition them. Oh what to do with the Bose...what to do...might stick them in the basement or the office. From what I have been able to tell so far, the Ascends will sound awesome, and I cant wait to get the next two. I'll post pics when that happens...

Anyone have any advice on filling speaker stands with sand? good idea bad idea? The stands that Ascend makes for the 340s are designed so you can fill them with sand...I know this can help the sound, but really how much of a difference?
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I am on the Ascend mailing list and just got a message today about a heck of a deal they are offering.


2008 has come to a close and we have finally finished our corporate taxes and annual warehouse cleanup (last minute as usual.) Considering the present state of the economy and the need for us to clear out our B-stock units from a busy holiday season; now would be the perfect time for a B-Stock Blowout!

CBM-170 SE pair (B-stock) = $268 /pair link to order

CMT-340 SE pair (B-stock) = $458 /pair link to order

CMT-340 SE center (B-stock) = $238/pair link to order

*Package price discounting for multiple units will not be honored.

A note about our B-stock units:

All B-stock units have been thoroughly inspected and tested and meet our industry-leading performance standards (identical in performance to our A-stock units). These B-stock units will have very minor cosmetic defects usually consisting of a minor scuff, scratch or nick. We have visually inspected every unit and the minor flaws are not noticeable from more than 2 feet away and this inspection was conducted under bright fluorescent and daylight lighting. We suspect that majority of you will not even notice the flaws�

In addition, all B-stock units fully qualify for our 30-day satisfaction guarantee (unlike most b-stock offerings from other manufacturers) and these units are also covered under our 5-year parts and labor warranty.

And perhaps the best part � these are ready for immediate shipment. If we don�t ship your order by the 2nd business day after you place your order (while supplies last), domestic ground shipping charges will be waived! For example, if you order on a Monday and we don�t ship the complete order by Wednesday (2nd business day), domestic ground shipping charges will be refunded back to you.

And to sweeten the deal�

Save 10% on our SP-30 speaker stands and OMN-20 wall mount brackets with the purchase of any of our on-sale B-Stock items. Discounts will appear in the check out page.

Supplies are limited so don�t wait�


Good Sound To You!

t- 310/719-9786
f- 310/388-1500
Please visit our new community at http://forum.ascendacoustics.com
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Thanks for the tip - I will def. have to check that out! I am trying to decide if I am going to go for 340s all around eventually or just go for 170s for the rears for now...any advice on that anyone? Ideally I would like the 340s for all 5 channels, but if the 170s are enough of a match then that works too...insight?
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I have the 170's as my mains and center at the moment and love them. When I move into a bigger place and can benefit from a 5.1 system I will be getting the 340's for then mains and moving the 170's to the rears.
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You must have just read my mind - I am considering for now going with the 170s as fronts and then when funds permit, moving them to the rears and getting 340s for the front. (you don't just happen to have esp do you? )
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Alright, I am bringing my thread back from the dead - I finally got the guts to put the Bose 701s up on eBay for sale - and will be replacing them with Ascend 340SE's.

** For those who might be interested: **

The Ascend Black Friday sales seem to still be on - 100.00 off a pair of 340SE Mains.

Hopefully after the holiday I will be posting new pictures of my newfound system. I am sad to see the Bose go (I know, I know...but these are possibly closest to a normal speaker as they made) since they had great low end, but they must go...

The Audyssey Calibration sets the Ascend center to -10db and the Bose to +2db to even out the sound - that is a hell of a difference in sensitivity in my mind - so goodbye Bose, Hello Ascend!
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Quick update - Bose is out courtesy of eBay and I am waiting to be paid so I can get the Ascends. New purchase today was a Pioneer BDP-51FD. All I need is the rest of my speakers!
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yeah waiting for PayPal to release the funds is KILLING ME! I have a pending order on the Ascend 340s with the stands and cant wait to get them - then finally my front soundstage will finally match!
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Ascend 340SE's are in and set up! Will post pics later.
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