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Hi all, I am facing some issues in mapping my HTPC with Philips LCD tv. Following is the h/w spec:

Philips 47PF9541/98 (Panel resolution : 1920x1080p Full HD, but it can accept only 1080i. I am using HDMI to connect HTPC to LCD.
Supporting display formats - (Resolution - Refresh rate)
>Computer formats
640 x 480 - 60Hz
800 x 600 - 60Hz
1024 x 768 - 60Hz
>Video Formats
640 x 480i - 1Fh
640 x 480p - 2Fh
720 x 576i - 1Fh
720 x 576p - 2Fh
1280 x 720p - 3Fh
1920 x 1080i - 2Fh

AMD 5200+ (2.7 GHz) Dual Core.
Gigabyte GM-MA78GM-S2HP (AMD 780G chipset) with onboard ATI HD3200 graphics card and Realtek 889A sound card.
1 x 2GB Transcend 800MHz DDR-II RAM
Seagate 500GB HDD (32MB cache)
1 x Samsung DVD writer
500w PSU

OS : Windows XP SP2

Following are the issues that I am facing:
1. I am not able to do 1:1 mapping b/n HTPC and TV. When i tried to give 1920 x 1080 @ 30Hz, the desktop is shrinked 2 cms from left and right (black borders on both sides)
2. In the above setting, the video seems to be somewhat ok (not sure whether i am getting the best). But the text on the desktop is very much pixelated and not readable.
3. For video playback i tried Power DVD 8 for 720p and 1080i formats i could see some bluring at some parts and noticed a little bit of shuttering.
4. The CPU utilization shows 35% to 55%. I think the GPU h/w acceleration is not happening. How to use that?

Please help me in finding a solution. Also i would appreciate if somebody could tell me the best software config (codecs and s/w configuration) to get the max out of this setup..plz...

Thanks in advance..