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Sorry for my ignorance, but I am moving from a 2.0 speaker setup to a 5.1 system on the HK AVR-235, and I am not sure I am doing things correctly.

I hooked a PS3 with an optical cable to the video1 optical input, and indeed I get stereo sound through my speakers. I should get a DTS 5.1 signal from DVDs and BR disks...

I ran the speaker setup and I get a correct test tone from each of my 5 satellites and subwoofer, but when playing a DVD, I only get stereo sound. Moreover, the speaker input indicators show I am getting a signal for the R/L front speakers only. Selecting surround modes I get some sound from the center and rear speakers too, but it's a stereo sound distributed to the 5 speakers, not a discrete 5-channel sound.

The PS3 is set up to output a DTS 5.1 signal automatically, so why does the AVR only seem to receive a stereo signal

Any help appreciated.