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Sony KDL-52W4100
I know I might be asking a lot, but anyone that could help me calibrate my Sony KDL-52W4100. I have Comcast HD, Samsung Blue Ray, X-Box, and Panasonic SC-HT740 5-DVD Surround Sound.

All components connected to Sony TV with HDMI. 60hz 1080p for Comcast, X-Box and Panasonic. 120hz 1080p for Samsung Blue Ray.

Sound then goes from Sony TV back to Panasonic Surround Sound with Red and White audio cables. Panasonic doesn't have Fiber sound port.

I've found the best motion with 120hz turned on "High" and Cinemotion turned off for all devices.

I use the following HDMI and Modes for each. Anyone using one or more of these units would you please let me know how you calibrate each device for the following uses. Thanks.

HDMI-1 - Comcast Cable
Standard - HD Channels (like History Channel or NGEO)
Cinema - HD Movie Channels (like HBO, ShowTime)
Custom - NON-HD Channels (like MTV, Speed, Outdoor)

HDMI-2 - XBox
Standard - Games

HDMI-3 - Blue Ray - Samsung 2550
Standard - DVD Movies
Cinema - Blue Ray Movies
Custom - Netflix Streaming Movies

HDMI-4 - Panasonic 5 Disk DVD
*** Usually only used for audio input ***
Standard - Kids DVD Movies
Cinema - DVD Movies

I realize I could buy a new Surround Sound with HDMI inputs and run all devices through there. I prefer running through TV as I get more adjustments per device, can control volume through TV, and I like my Panasonic Surround Sound ease of use.

P.S. I have the latest firmware update as of 2/23/09